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Welcome to JennScents

Custom Aromatherapy Products

Holistic well-being rooted in in the healing power of aromatherapy

Personalized Aromatherapy & Herbal Solutions

Empowering Your Wellness Journey Through Aromatherapy

Welcome to JennScents, your sanctuary for personalized aromatherapy and herbal solutions. Led by Jennifer Pressimone, a Clinical Aromatherapist and Herbalist, we blend the art of aromatherapy with the science of wellness to offer you custom blends, quality education, and sustainably sourced ingredients. Let us empower your journey to better health and well-being.

Custom Blends

Personalized aromatherapy blend created for your specific needs.

Signature Products

Therapeutic aromatherapy products for mental, emotional & physical health.


Special occasion, Caregiver, Memorial, Stress Relief, Grief Support & more.

Choose from our signature blends

Nature's Remedies for Your Wellness


Mind & Emotion Health

Enhance cognitive function and memory retention with our expertly crafted blend. A natural way to support your mental agility and focus.


Body Health

Fortify your digestive health and immune system with our soothing blend. Designed for optimal gut health and immune resilience.


Botanical Perfume

Nurture your skin and scalp with our gentle, restorative blend. Perfect for soothing irritation and promoting vibrant, healthy skin and hair.

Why Use Aromatherapy?

Discover the Power of Aromatherapy

Natural Stress Reliever

Reduce stress and anxiety with . Natural essential oils promote relaxation, helping you find peace in your hectic day.

Boosts Immune System

Strengthen your body’s defenses. Essential oils in aromatherapy support immune function, aiding in the fight against common illnesses.

Enhances Sleep Quality

Improve your sleep pattern naturally. Aromatherapy can soothe the mind and body, encouraging a deeper, more restorative sleep.

Pain and Inflammation Reduction

Ease pain and reduce inflammation. Aromatherapy offers a natural alternative for managing discomfort, enhancing your overall quality of life.

Your Unique Essence, Bottled

Customize a blend, made just for you!

Our custom aromatherapy service merges your specific wellness goals with the healing power of nature, creating a unique formula that speaks to your body’s needs.

Custom Essential Oil

For your diffuser, or use as a stock bottle to make other products

Custom Spray

Prediluted body, room, or linen spray for mind & body support

Custom Roll On

Prediluted for specific needs like mood balance, physical issues or perfume

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Personalize your blend!

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Personalize your blend!

Fill out the information below

Copyright © 2024 JennScents, Inc.