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21 Lessons from a 20-year Business Owner

21 Lessons from a 20-year business owner

Oh, the lessons I’ve learned on this 20-year journey of being in business for myself. I call this The Business Owner Walk.

I never thought of myself of a self-made entrepreneur, but that is it. I am. I worked inch by inch and mountain after mountain with blood, sweat & tears. In that journey I also found resilience, stamina and endurance is the key, just as if you are running a marathon. Because that is what it is…a business marathon. The difference is that you are without a finish line. That is the good news. You have unlimited potential to dream big, grow bigger and flourish greatly with no timeline to say, “you have to be finished by…”.


My words of wisdom that I am sharing is inspired by my own business journey. Lessons I not only learned but am still learning. Still implementing. Still working on. It is a part of being a business owner, entrepreneur, and innovator.

  1. Be clear in who I am, and who I am not.
  2. Be clear in what I want, and don’t want.
  3. Be confident that I am right where I need to be, right now.
  4. Set goals along the way with an action plan to achieve them.
  5. Start each day with personal development, affirmations and focused intentions.
  6. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.
  7. Stay true to my heart and follow my dreams and passion.
  8. Don’t waste time with non-productive tasks, especially if done out of feeling guilty for saying no.
  9. No is ok, and it is a complete sentence. Honor your time and value. When you say yes to something or someone, you are saying no to something else. Be mindful of this.
  10. Get organized.
  11. Have systems in place to keep me organized and help with time management.
  12. When I run into roadblocks consistently when I am working on a project, listen to the universe. It’s telling me that I am going the wrong way. It is a sign to take a step back, reevaluate and discover a new path or opportunity I might not have seen before.
  13. Acknowledge my resiliency.
  14. Feed my stamina.
  15. Remove any distractions, negative energy and energy or positivity zappers.
  16. Communicate and articulate clearly my wants, needs and desires to myself and others.
  17. Don’t beat around the bush or lollygag. If you don’t do something you want, someone else will.
  18. Be unapologetic for being stern and firm in business. I am allowed to have and get respect and compliance for my business strength.
  19. Keep working forward.
  20. Find a way to stay busy but also allow for self-care and rest.
  21. Smell your essential oils to improve your mood and keep you connected


The key is to know your value. Know your worth. Know your importance.


Here is an aromatherapy diffuser blend that all business owners need to smell at the beginning of each day!

1 drop frankincense essential oil to help you connect to your core roots

2 drops rosemary essential oil to strengthens brain power

2 drops orange essential oil to inspire creativity, adaptability and flexibility

2 drops peppermint to help you take in and receive new ideas

1 drop cinnamon to inspire abundance and prosperity

Add these essential oils to your ultrasonic diffuser. Run for 30 minutes while you are getting for the day.

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Personalize your blend!

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