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4 Tips for a Successful Cleansing Experience

Is a cleanse right for you? Want to know 4 tips for a successful cleansing experience? Here is how you can show your colon some love.

There are several types of herbal cleanses. Choosing one that is right for you will take a proper assessment of answering the following questions.

  • What is my goal for doing the cleanse?
  • Where is my health at right now? Meaning, am I healthy or working through some health challenges? If you having some health challenges, what are they? You will need to cross-reference any contraindications that might apply to the cleanse you choose. For example, if you are having IBS or a major gastrointestinal issue or disease, cleansing is not highly recommended, in most cases.
  • Is my body strong enough to handle a cleanse? If you are weak, battling extreme chronic fatigue then you might need to build and strengthen your body first.


When you cleanse, the premise behind it is to assist your body and eliminative organs in removing toxins. When you clear pathways such as the lymphatic system, circulatory system and gut-brain communications, nutrients can get absorbed better. Also removing toxins can strengthen your immune system’s ability to fight off foreign invaders and keep your body processes working optimally.

Optimum results you are looking for:

  • help with constipation
  • better sleep
  • reduced stress & how you respond to it
  • improved skin appearance, reduced acne & dryness
  • increased energy & brain power


When you assess your body and your goals, you have to determine if you are strong enough to do a cleanse. Sometimes you might need to build your body up first before doing a cleanse. Through the building and strengthening process, cleansing may naturally occur as you’re allowing nutrients to get in which in turn will help toxins get out.


4 Tips for a Successful Cleansing Experience

  1. You should have healthier bowel movements, not diarrhea or stuck in the bathroom all day, like many people think. If you get constipated or diarrhea, that is a sign that you may need more fiber and to drink more water.
  2. Staying hydrated will be extremely important throughout the cleanse. As you cleanse, your body pulls water to help flush those toxins. If you are not drinking enough, you could get dehydrated, skin and eyes will get dry as well as hair and nails. One tip is help enhance hydration levels, and absorption of the water you are taking in, is to add in minerals.
    • Am I getting enough water? Take your body weight, divide that in half. That is the least amount of water you should be drinking a day. If you only drink 24 ounces a day, don’t immediate increase that to 60 ounces. You want to add more water daily over the course of 5-7 days to give your kidneys time to adjust to the increased water it will be filtering.
  3. Try to stay away from “unhealthy foods” like sugar, dairy and boxed or canned snacks. Eat fresh as much as possible, or frozen veggies and fruits. Get good sources of protein & healthy fats from food and supplement sources like a protein shake (watch the sugar content) and omegas. Proteins build muscle and strengthens the integrity of linings and membranes responsible for absorption and elimination (two secrets of life and aging). Good fats (omegas) are needed to help coat nerves to communicate better, aid in absorption of nutrients and help combust toxins so they get out.
  4. Sleep! Sleep is needed for many reasons. To supply your body with the Energy needed to facilitate the cleansing process. Also, your body does maintenance on your detoxifying organs through the nighttime period have you heard of the circadian rhythm? This plays a crucial role and how our body can function.


Adding in aromatherapy during the cleanse can prove extremely helpful as well, definitely for mood, energy and mindset support. Here are some ways you can incorporate aromatherapy into your cleansing ritual.

  • Detoxifying Aromatic Bath: Mix essential oil blend (below) in 1 cup of Epsom or sea salt.  Blend it together well. Add mixture to running warm bath water and soak for 20-30 minutes.  Dry brushing before the bath can be helpful.
  • Body Spray (to combat odors that my pour out of skin during the detox):  Mix essential oils (below) in 2 ounces of plant enzymes or 60/40 combination of distilled water/alcohol. Spray 2-3 times and as needed for body hydration, body deodorizing and just to smell good.
  • Foot Soak: Mix essential oil blend (below) in 1 cup of Epsom or sea salt.  Blend it together well. Add mixture to bucket or tub of warm bath water and soak feet for 15-20 minutes. You can use a foot brush and/or foot file afterwards to sloth off and exfoliate dead skin.


My favorite Cleanse – the Goodtract Mind-Body Cleanse


Jennifer is a health and life coach for business professionals wanting better brain function, healthier gut and happier life through meaningful, plant-based holistic remedies.


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