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7 Ways to Integrate Aromatherapy Into Your Health Coaching Business

7 Ways to Integrate Aromatherapy into Your Health Coaching Business

In a sea of health coaches, how are you going to stand out? What makes you special? Unique? Versatile and multidisciplined?

Clinical Aromatherapy integration is on the rise. Right now, it gives you a unique specialty that you can add to your current health niche. It can help you set yourself a part and increase your marketability.

But, I will let you in on a secret…it will soon become a staple for every health coach.

As with conventional medicine, more people are searching for holistic options. They are using more aromatherapy products than ever. However, what they are missing is a customized and personalized approach for using essential oils that match what they need.

That is where you come in.

Adding an aromatherapy certification to your current health coaching credentials and business system, can make all the difference to your clients.

Not only will it help increase your sales, your client’s will receive great benefit and sustaining results that will change their life.

When you are helping them curb appetite cravings, create new healthy habit, shift their mindset, and work through emotional distress, you NEED aromatherapy. It is proven (through history and science) that when you match scents to learning something new and re-conditioning unhealthy emotions, your results are ten-fold.

Being able to create these lasting transformations can help you increase client loyalty and retention. You will also have way more fun.

The added benefit for you…your mental, emotional, and physical health will also improve. Your business will improve. It is a way to work smarter not harder by enhancing what you are already doing. It doesn’t add more time to your schedule, it adds depth and quality.


Aromatherapy in Business

Aromatherapy is a staple in natural health these days. Everyone has some form of aromatherapy in their home, from body and personal care to cleaning and laundry detergents. It is a natural fit into the health and wellness market, especially for health coaches.

Common ways aromatherapy is integrated in businesses include:

  • diffusing daily to increase immune health, productivity and joy
  • cleaning and disinfecting sprays
  • room & bathroom sprays
  • afternoon jitters
  • calm fear and nervousness before meetings
  • in hospitals to help with nausea and post-op delirium
  • in dentist offices to calm anxiety
  • mental health counselors help clients with depression and loneliness
  • restaurants diffuse peppermint for digestion, as well as infuse botanicals in their food dishes
  • increase athletic performance, stamina and endurance
  • aid in curbing appetite in weight loss programs, or stimulating appetite for weight management (it’s all in the technique)
  • post-op recovery
  • health coaches use to strengthen mindset and balancing emotions
  • combat addictions and addictive behaviors
  • hairdressers add into their products to minimize hair loss and alopecia
  • Aromatherapy Yoga
  • Aromatherapy Massage


7 Ways to Integrate Aromatherapy Into Your Health Coaching Business

  1. Sell essential oils for an additional revenue stream (want a reputable source? Email me)
  2. Become an Affiliate with an aromatherapy company, such as JennScents. Let me do the work while you earn money for referring clients to my products and custom blend services.
  3. Offer Custom blending using essential oils, carriers, botanicals and flower essences. I can teach you how.
  4. Add on to a current service you offer – Aromatherapy Massage, Aromatherapy Meditation, etc.
  5. Include an essential oil blend or aromatherapy product in your coaching package
  6. Talk about aromatherapy benefits in your webinars and classes
  7. Add a custom signature scent that is specific and unique to your brand (scent marketing)


Do you want to learn more about aromatherapy and it’s benefits to strengthen mind and body health? Check out our Free Aromatherapy Training on Essential Oils & Herbs to Strengthen Immune Health.


Other Helpful Resources:


Looking for a mentor to enhance your business with aromatherapy and herbs? I open a couple spots monthly to mentor, brainstorm and educate health coaches in incorporating aromatherapy and herbs, safely and effectively with their clients. Want to know more?

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Personalize your blend!

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