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We love helping people help themselves maintain preventative health & overcome challenging crisis’ using aromatherapy & herbal medicine. After falling in love with aromatherapy almost 20 years ago, we have seen its beauty and profound effect it can have on the mind & body. Everyone should have opportunity to know to use aromatherapy to enhance their quality of life.

JennScents is an integrative aromatherapy company led by Jennifer Pressimone, Clinical Aromatherapist & Herbalist. Our mission is twofold – to blend & teach. At our JennScents Aromaversity, we train & empower health & wellness professionals in how to safely, effectively & responsibly use aromatherapy & herbs to enhance their own health as well as their client’s experience & results. In our JennScents Online Store, we provide custom blending services along with our handmade signature products for head to toe health.


Our aromatherapy products, online courses, live webinars and content equip health & wellness professionals with the tools, resources, skills & framework they need to implement a specialty niche of integrative aromatherapy & herbals to enhance, grow and sustain their business. Our JennScents products nourish self-care. Our affiliate program nourishes collaboration & community. Our core values are to Inspire, Motivate & Empower you with greater personal & professional health.


Jennifer Pressimone, founder & CEO of JennScents, is one of the world’s foremost experts on holistic aromatherapy. She is a NAHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapist & Herbalist, Formulator, Consultant, Author, Health Coach & Entrepreneur (scentpreneur™). She is passionate about being an advocate to empower others with authentic aromatherapy wisdom that inspires physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health. She strives to help others not only learn about essential oils and botanicals, but to experience their true nature and healing benefits.

As a teacher, she has taught thousands of people worldwide through her aromatherapy programs, workshops & motivational speaking. She has authored several books & publications on how aromatherapy can help personally & professionally transform various physical, mental & emotional health challenges.

The JennScents online aromatherapy certification courses were created from her personal & professional experiences, education & research, illuminating a path for anyone to understand & implement aromatherapy in a practical & effective way. Courses provide a natural health integrative approach with topics that include aromatherapy foundations, advanced practices, personal care for women, men, children, animals & environmental cleaning, gastrointestinal health, advanced blending techniques, skin care, emotional healing, and advanced pathophysiology. Approved by NAHA, CE Broker, NCBTMB & SAM.

As a health coach and product formulator, she has mentored & coached thousands of clients to achieve their best health by overcoming a debilitating illness, combat mental & emotional distress, and reconnect with their higher purpose & inner passion.  She has formulated & custom blended thousands of aromatherapy recipes for a plethora of health concerns. In additional, she is a business health coach, helping health & wellness leaders integrate & implement aromatherapy & herbals within their current services to attract, service & maintain their client base. She helps design a plan, strategize, educate & mentor to align & expand with a specialty niche to stay competitive & increase sales while saving time, allowing you more family & free time. She not only trains & mentors you to develop & grow, but also to thrive & sustain in any environment.

Jennifer, began her family operated company in 2002, after battling her own life-threatening health challenge. She knows the importance of quality & integrity when it comes to education & health products. She believes aromatherapy care is one of the most impactful tools & skills everyone needs to know to not only survive but thrive. In today’s world, it has proven essential to know how to take care of yourself & family, as well as help others do the same.

Jennifer publishes in-depth articles & training videos on how to integrate & use aromatherapy to strengthen mindset, balance emotional health & improve physicality. Her motto is to “design a plan, align with your purpose and let your talents shine.” Topics include individual essential oil personalities, mindset habits, aromatherapy in business, how to create an aromatherapy blend & essential oils for health issues. She successfully integrates skills & resources learned from her background in psychology, health food store & spa owner, business banking and surety insurance to help professionals connect to their core purpose, strengthen mindset, strategize their business and lead with confidence.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, where she met some incredibly inspiring people who helped mold her in life & service. She has studies deep spiritual & soul healing work with Dr. Berkowsky since 2003, graduating as his first teacher Diplomate. She is a Professional Member, Regional Director and Vice President for NAHA, the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. She lives in Florida with her husband and pets.

There’s nothing more precious than having emotional validation, confidence to conquer a crisis, strength to support others and ability to embrace self-acceptance. – Jennifer Pressimone

Jennifer is VERY knowledgeable, kind, sympathetic, loving, patient, and wants to help people.
I have been helped so much by her. —Marsha H.

Nature's SunshineNature’s Sunshine Products Convention Speaker
2002, 2003, 2006-2012

NAHANAHA: World of Aromatherapy
2004, 2016, 2018, 2021

Solle NaturalsSolle Naturals
Annual Convention 2012-2021

Epcot International Festival of the ArtsEpcot International Festival of the Arts
2017 & 2018

AHDIAssoc for Healthcare Documentation Integrity
Annual Conference 2014 & 2015

  • 24 Frames Exhibition – Face: Four Winds Immersive Sensory Short-Film Experience 2005
  • SwissJust National Convention – Keynote speaker 2017
  • Elite Massage Expo – speaker 2017
  • Thrive Clermont – 2018
  • Holistic Medicine & Nursing Conference – Motivational Speaker & Conference Presenter 2019
  • Clermont Hospice Center Support Group – 2019-2020

JennScents, Inc.

We believe everyone should be challenged and empowered with knowledge, skills and experience to help themselves and their family, for any situation. Your best source of help, is you. At JennScents®, Inc., we are dedicated to providing superior, high-quality, handmade, therapeutic aromatherapy products and trustworthy holistic online education in a simple, fun, user-friendly and time-efficient way. Established in 2002 by internationally renowned Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapist, Jennifer Pressimone, after a life-threatening health crisis turned into triumph, success, passion and purpose. JennScents®, through years of product formulation, research and development, teaching, training, guest speaking and mentoring, has become a highly sought after leader in the aromatherapy industry. Our holistic approach is aimed to empower others with knowledge, skills and confidence to make more effective decisions for their health.

The JennScents® product line delivers therapeutic, result-driven products for common health concerns such as skin issues, hormone balance, stress management, respiratory support, muscular and joint strength, and much more. We also offer exquisite, chemical-free perfumes, body sprays, lotions, massage oils, bath salts, scrubs and essential oils blends for children, adults, elderly and pets. All of our products are handmade by a trained Holistic Aromatherapist to ensure precision, freshness and love.

JennScents® Aromaversity®

The JennScents Aromaversity is committed to providing the highest education in holistic aromatherapy, to enrich the mind and empower the body. It was founded in 2005 by Holistic Aromatherapist, herbalist, author and international educator Jennifer Hochell Pressimone, T.SPE, CHA, CNHC. When we created our institute, we looked not to copy what was already available in the marketplace, but to create something that was missing. To fill a niche for those seeking integrated holistic health. It was established to offer education that was not only empowering professionally, but personally and financially as well.

The JennScents Aromaversity is a NAHA Level I & II Approved School, CE Broker Provider (#50-5550) and a NCBTMB provider (#451338-10). Our variety of course topics are structured to provide niche learning in aromatherapy as well self-help knowledge and development, business training and professional advancement. Our goal is to offer authentic, genuine content that gives a well-rounded background and foundation in integrating aromatherapy into any lifestyle, with special emphasis on holistic health. The student will gain knowledge, skills and confidence to use essential oils, botanicals and carriers in a variety of situation with ease, efficiently and effectiveness. Courses are designed to gradually increase the intensity and complexity to help a beginner and enthusiast grow into a well-seasoned and professional Aromatherapist. Online courses include an audio and visual combination, and integrate several holistic health modalities including aromatherapy, herbals and other complementary therapies to help one achieve overall mind-body wellness, balance and harmony, with the ability to share with others.

CEU’s provided to Licensed Massage Therapist via NCBTMB and CE Broker; and Florida Licensed Dieticians and Certified Nursing Assistants via CE Broker.

NAHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapist  NAHA approved CE provider NAHA approved educator NCBTMB certified Reports to CE Broker

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Jennifer PressimoneJennifer Pressimone

Jennifer Pressimone is a holistic aromatherapist, herbalist, formulator, international educator, author and Scentpreneur™. She is the owner of JennScents, Inc. and founder of the JennScents Aromaversity. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and is a Diplomate and Teacher Certified in Spiritual PhytoEssencing with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky. Jennifer owns and operates a holistic aromatherapy business in Florida and is an instructor at the JennScents Aromaversity. She specializes in holistic therapeutic aromatherapy for a variety of health concerns, skin care, women and children’s health, animal care and emotional healing. Since 2002, Jennifer has authored aromatherapy books (in English and Spanish), formulated over 2,500 aromatherapy products and essential oil formulas, consulted with international wellness spas to integrate aromatherapy blending services, lectured over 3,000 hours, completed over 8,000 hours of education in natural health, is quoted in the New York Times on aromatherapy and is a leading aromatherapist in the natural health industry.

She is a Professional and Donor member, Regional Director and Vice President with NAHA (www.NAHA.org). Jennifer is dedicated to bringing greater awareness to the use and benefits of true aromatherapy. Through her books, educational classes and research, she hopes to make significant contributions to the world of aromatherapy and leave a legacy of empowering and inspiring others.

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