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Aromatherapy Certification for Nurses

Aromatherapy Certification for Nurses

Holistic health services a growing segment in hospitals among nurses. More nurses are seeking ways to enhance their own health, holistically. As well as how can they better help their patients with some natural solutions.

Want to know something amazing?

More general and VA hospitals is providing grants and funds for nurses to get certified in aromatherapy.  I know first-hand because it has been one of the fastest growing population of students at the JennScents Aromaversity. Partly due to VA hospitals grant funding, coupled with their increased interest in starting an aromatherapy program for veterans suffering with PTSD.

Nurses are also seeking education that has more meaning and can provide a larger impact for mental and emotional health. That is aromatherapy practices using essential oils safely.


Benefits of having a certification

  • enhance your credentials & enrich your niche specialty
  • feed your need to learn
  • learn how to help yourself, family and patients with holistic options
  • have fun while learning
  • personal growth & development
  • professional growth
  • more marketable skills
  • enhance uniqueness
  • create an extra revenue stream
  • set yourself up for a career change
  • be prepared for the unexpected


3 Top Challenges of Getting Certified

  1. Finding the time – With an inconsistent schedule it can be difficult to make scheduled classes and meeting times. That is why I created an online school that delivers top-notch education in a fun and personalized way.
    • You set your own classroom time, that fits into your schedule.
    • You can access classes 24/7 from any device.
    • You determine if you want a slow path or fast track. I’ve structured each program to fit into either path, helping you accelerate when you can, and slow down when you need.
    • You have access directly to the lead instructor to ask questions, anytime. You want to ask what you need at the time you are learning. Not have to wait until the end of the lesson, or other designated time. Having a personal mentor and tutor will save you time from trying to figure it out on your own. It also helps you brainstorm ideas and solutions for your case study assignments and patient care.
  2. Finding a program that understands what they do and what they need – As a nurse, you have certain specialized skills. You have certain information that you need to know right now. You also want to learn something that challenges you to grow and expand in your career and self-care. You want to integrate the aromatherapy discipline into your specific situation and circumstances. As a practitioner (and patient), I understand. I have worked with and trained hundreds in the medical field throughout my 20-year career. From medical doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurses, mental health counselors, psychologist, psychiatrists, pharmacists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, registered dietitians, and others. You are in good company.
    • We are a SAM approved education provider – see your education department to see if you qualify for education funds towards getting certified with me
    • We are CE Broker approved and can give CE’s to Florida licensed RN, LPN, APRN, CNA & RD’s
    • We are a NAHA approved school for Level 1, 2 & 3 – we have been approved since 2006 so you know we are reputable
  3. Finding a mentor who can challenge their skills to help them grow both professionally and personally – When I interview with nurses looking for an aromatherapy program, one of their biggest concerns is having a program that is too basic and doesn’t expand on their current knowledge with specialty training. I can honestly say, every student at JennScents has never complained of my program being too basic. They have described it as comprehensive, challenging, thought-provoking, intriguing, mind-blowing, and life changing. Even now as I share this with you, it warms my heart to know I am making a difference with those who are most notable for making a huge difference. If I can help care for you and your knowledge, while you are caring for others, my heart is full.


How to choose a program

  • Determine your goals for earning an aromatherapy certification
  • Research program curriculum to see if it gives you the training you are looking for
  • Is it a NAHA approved school?
  • How long has the school been around?
  • Does the educator have first-hand experience using essential oils for personal care and in a medical setting?
  • Is it a comprehensive program giving you training in various disciplines such as health for women, men, children, animals, environmental & cleaning, along with gastrointestinal health, cognition & brain, skin care, emotional & mental health, advanced blending techniques, and advanced pathophysiology?
  • Does the program include all training lessons, testing, and assignments?
  • Does the program include mentoring and tutoring?
  • Are the program study times flexible to fit into your schedule?
  • Does the program include a course workbook?
  • Does the program provide you with the right forms and resources, or can help you create them for your specific need?
  • Does the program offer a payment plan (if you need one)?
  • Is the school a SAM approved vendor (if you are using hospital funding and grants)?


Getting started at the JennScents Aromaversity

At the JennScents Aromaversity, we have made the process of becoming a student and earning your aromatherapy certification simple.

Step 1: Pick a program (click here to see a comparison chart)

Step 2: Register & Start your studies immediately (once you purchase a program, courses are automatically loaded into your account so you can start right away)

Step 3: Watch the video trainings, complete the assignments & get your Certificate!


Learn more about Jennifer Pressimone, founder and lead instructor at the JennScents Aromaversity.


See testimonies from students & graduates here.


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Personalize your blend!

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