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Aromatherapy for Cellulite

Aromatherapy for Cellulite

As we age, muscles and skin atrophy at a faster rate. Certain body systems slow down. Cardiovascular and lymphatic systems slow down and get congested more easily. And, let’s face it, things start shifting, sagging, and dropping. Not a fun process.

The body’s production of enzymes goes down and oxidation goes up (especially when stressed physically, mentally & emotionally). An unfortunate combination that can lead to more hydration issues. Poor hydration feeds increased sluggishness and congestion, enhancing cellulite issues.

Of course, there are certain exercises that can focus on cellulite areas, maybe different from your typical gym workout. But there are other holistic options too that you can use and do to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.


What is cellulite?

Cellulite is basically trapped toxins because the lymphatic system is sluggish. Caused from poor microcirculation (cellular circulation). Even if you work out, it doesn’t always keep all lymph ports open and moving. Manual movement through massage, dry skin brushing, and salt scrub techniques can help.


Holistic Solutions

Eating the right amount of protein (70-80g a day) is essential to build muscles and tissue.

Minerals & nutrients are needed to maintain pH and electrolyte levels, which help drive the nutrients into the cells.

Full-spectrum digestive enzymes to break down sugar, carbs, protein, fats, and sugars.


Work with a Registered Dietitian (RD) to figure out the right foods. For me, my RD created a meal plan based on a low-histamine diet that has supported my gut reset tremendously.

Get Lymphatic Drainage with a Licensed & Trained Massage Therapist. This helps break up those cellulite pockets as well as enhances hydration.

My favorite herbal program to help drive nutrients deep into cell & maintain hydration levels

    • Verdezymes: 2 with meals
    • Solle Vital: 1 packet a day
    • Solle Complete Protein powder (has digestive herbs & antioxidants in it): 1-2 scoops a day
    • SolleClear: 1-2 capsules twice a day
      • Helps with allergies, but I love it for its anti-inflammatory & antihistamine affect. When you are stressed or eat things you shouldn’t, not only does cortisol go up, but so does histamine alarms which tells your body something isn’t good for you. The gates shut and holds onto those toxins turning it to cellulite. So, I use it as a precursor to get the culprit before it happens. A key in weight management programs.


Beneficial Essential Oils 


Author: Jennifer Pressimone is a Clinical Aromatherapist, Herbalist & Lead Instructor at the JennScents Aromaversity. She teaches & certifies Health & Wellness Professionals in Professional & Clinical Aromatherapy, helping build and strengthen services and skills to continue helping others.

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