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Aromatherapy for Hair & Scalp Health & Growth

Aromatherapy For Hair & Scalp Health

In ancient times plant material was used to strengthen hair and nourish the scalp. Enfleurage techniques were popular among Egyptians, Greeks & Romans, as well as in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fast forward to today…botanicals are still used in hair, skin & scalp care. There are more advanced infusions with plant extracts that maximize specific results and incorporate essential oils to match various textures & thickness.  More scientific studies have been conducted showing the benefits and efficacy of using botanicals for hair and scalp health.

Common Hair & Scalp Imbalances

Here are some common hair and scalp issues typically due to nutrient deficiencies, imbalanced body systems, stress, thyroid issues and certain medications. Typically, metabolism is more sluggish, and the nervous system has some miscommunications going on, especially within the glandular and urinary systems. Stress, anxiety, depression and nervousness all affect hair health.

Genetics plays a huge role too, as there are varying hair strength profiles & hair shaft differences for Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans. There are 3 shaft regions to work on – cuticle, cortex, and medulla. The number of hair follicles impact this as well. Some people have thinner hair, and others have really thick hair. For example, the medulla is more prominent with gray & thick hair, while being absent with fine hair.  Having a thinner cuticle layer, like in African American hair, leads to more breakage. Thus, having stronger carrier oils with essential oils that strengthen hair, are important (source). Matching up the right essential oils and carrier oils can make all the difference in hair repair and maintenance.

  • Alopecia and hair loss due to genetics, nutrient deficiencies and imbalanced body systems such as the glandular, nervous and digestive systems. The JennScents Alopecia Shampoo and Alopecia Hair Mist have helped many of our customers regain hair strength, as well as self-confidence.
  • Hair dump due to covid, respiratory distress, trauma, and daily stress.
  • Hair thinning typically due to nutrient deficiencies and imbalances
  • Hair loss, dump & thinning postpartum*
  • Dandruff & flaking scalp are usually related to lack of essential fatty acids, protein, B-vitamins, dehydration and excess sugar intake. The JennScents Dandruff Control Scalp Oil combines essential oils and carriers to help with flakiness, itching and dry scalp.
  • Dry & brittle hair due to certain medications, stress, lack of nutrients such as essential fatty acids, protein and minerals, genetics, over-styling, and under-conditioned.
  • Frizzy hair due to lack of nutrients, weather changes & humidity, dry & split ends, stress, over-styling, hair damage, water quality, and genetics.
  • Tangles happen when hair in under-conditioned, towel dried aggressively, wind blowing, not brushed for a while, nutrient deficiency, and sleeping on it.
  • Balding is often related to genetics, but also to chemical overload, chemotherapy, and over-styling.
  • Lice can be a huge pain in the butt. You may have to cut your hair to help get it under control in addition to thoroughly washing every fabric, clothing, bed sheets, blankets, etc. that has come into contact with the person with lice. There are many essential oils that have proven effective in helping get it under control such as clove, oregano, rosemary and thyme, among others. The JennScents Lice Defense Shampoo & Lice Defense Spray were formulated for students in our community, during an outbreak. It has since become a popular nationwide bestseller.

Common Emotional Imbalances Connected to Hair Loss

There is a strong connection between hair loss and thyroid imbalances. Emotions related to the thyroid are –

  • losing voice
  • not using your voice
  • giving up your voice because you didn’t set healthy boundaries, or you have a hard time saying no (connection with abandonment issues)
  • in process of finding or figuring out your voice
  • undernourished and don’t feel supported
  • stressed and not able to keep up with demands and responsibilities
  • self-worth & self-esteem

6 Essential Oils to Stimulate Hair Growth & Combat Dandruff

  • Cedar strengthens the hair follicle to hold on to hair better, helping with alopecia, brittle and thinning hair. It lends strength & resilience when added into a hair blend.
  • Lavender helps hydrate the scalp & hair follicle to combat dry and damaged hair. It helps with alopecia, brittle and thinning hair, as well as hair dump, damaged hair, and flaking scalp. Calm an itchy scalp (especially if you combine with chamomile and patchouli).
  • Lemongrass helps dandruff, as well as adds shine & vigor to hair.
  • Rosemary helps combat damaged hair, alopecia, brittle and thinning hair. Adding it to shampoos and conditioners can help hair grow stronger and longer.
  • Sage helps combat alopecia and thinning hair.
  • Tea Tree helps with dandruff (source), flaking and itchy scalp.
  • Ylang Ylang helps hydrate the scalp & hair follicle to combat dry and damaged hair. Helps with alopecia, brittle and thinning hair, especially when it is related to heart issues.

Carriers to Support Hair & Scalp Care

  • Argan Oil, Argania spinosa L., is known for its strengthening, hydrating and fortifying benefits for skin, hair, scalp and
    nails. This medium weight oil is naturally rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids to provide intense moisture. You can add essential oils with it and use as a scalp and hair restoration treatment or use by itself to calm frizzy hair. It can also give hair a nice shine and helps keep hair strong when over-styled, and tight braids.
  • Avocado Oil, Persea americana or Persea gratissima, is rich in vitamins and amino acids. Becuase it is a heavier oil, it has a slow absorption rate. This helps it stay on the skin & scalp surface longer aiding in repair, recovery, and moisturization of dry and damaged hair. Historically known and scientifically proven to nourishes sensitive and dry skin and hair types, especially for those who experience frequent climate changes and brittle, fragile hair strands. This mixes well with essential oils for a hydrating & restorative scalp oil that you can leave on for 30 minutes to overnight. Adding it to the tips of hair can also weight it down, helping to combat frizz and leave a nice shine. Beneficial for hair that is styled daily with hair products, tight braids, wearing in a ponytail, or wrapped up in a scrunchie.
  • Coconut oil is rich in minerals and nutrients. It will solidify in colder temperatures. This is nice to warm up by sitting the bottle in a cup of hot water, but make sure it is not too hot to burn the scalp. Beneficial to nourish, replenish, and restore any hair type.
    • A nice coconut rejuvenating oil scalp combination is: 2 ounces warm coconut oil with 5 drops peppermint and 3 drops lemongrass.  Mix together and then massage on scalp. Wrap head in a bandana or towel and leave on for 15-30 minutes. Rinse out. you scalp will tingle with vigor and leave you feeling refreshed.

It is worth mentioning, if your hair is prone to matting up, or “felting, castor oil is contraindicated. Although castor oil provides great nutrients and benefits to the scalp, its “sticky” consistency has contributed to more severe matting and felting, as described in this case study report.

4 Hair Growth Tips Using Herbs & Essential Oils

I recently had a client start one of my herbal programs, and after 30 days, here is her progress report to me…I can’t believe it. I thought that since I was getting older, I was going to have to get used to having clumps of hair every time I brushed and washed my hair. That is gone! You were right. Give the body the right nutrition and it works. Thank you for saving my hair, and self-esteem.”

The lesson here, invest in your health, and your body, mind & emotions will thank you by responding with optimal health.  So many people seek information about health topics, but not always follow that up with action steps to actually attain those results. You have to commit to a program, be compliant and consistent to get the results you want. This client finally did that, and the results speak for themselves.

What was the secret? What was the action plan?

Take herbs & smell essential oils daily that address the 4 pillars of health –

  1. Balance body systems with core herbals and aromatherapy blends that nourish skin and scalp
  2. Cleanse toxins that contribute to hair loss, dandruff nutrient deficiencies and stress
  3. Strengthen defense systems so your body and mind can handle stressors by having a strong immune system to fight off and defend against foreign invaders
  4. Add in nutrient-rich nourishment through foods and herbs

Other Healthy Hair Tips

  • wash hair 1-3 times a week with conditioner
  • use a hot oil treatment weekly with jojoba, avocado, castor, and/or shea butter
  • do a deep moisture mask twice a month
  • limit the number of hair styling products you use on your hair
  • limit the heat temperature and frequency of using a curling iron or straight iron on hair
  • comb hair when wet, don’t leave it to air dry without brushing it
  • don’t sleep in rubber bands or scrunchies, use satin hair wrap or sleep on soft, satin sheets
  • keep braids loose & not pulling aggressively on scalp

Hair & Scalp Nourishing Recipes

Dandruff Relief Spray

  • 3.5 ounces of liquid plant enzymes
  • .5 ounces vegetable glycerin
  • 10 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 8 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 6 drops cedar essential oil
  • In a 4-ounce bottle (glass or BPA-free plastic), add in the vegetable glycerin followed by the essential oils. Swirl until essential oils are emulsified and mixed into the vegetable glycerin. Let sit for 10-20 minutes. Next, add in the liquid plant enzymes. Cap and mix well. Label. Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Cautions:
    • If using with a child, elderly, someone with sensitivities or large dog, cut the number of essential oil drops in half.
    • If you have allergies to any of these ingredients, do not add them into the recipe.

Alopecia & Thinning Hair Scalp Oil

  • 2 ounces Argan oil
  • 6 drops lavender essential oil
  • 6 drops ylang ylang essential oil
  • 4 drops sage essential oil
  • 4 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 2 drops cedar essential oil
  • In a 4-ounce bottle (glass or BPA-free plastic), add in 1 ounce of argan oil followed by the essential oils. Cap and swirl until essential oils are emulsified into the argan oil. Add in the remainder 1 ounce of argan oil, cap and shake well. Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Cautions:
    • If using with a child, elderly, someone with sensitivities or large dog, cut the number of essential oil drops in half.
    • If you have allergies to any of these ingredients, do not add them into the recipe.
    • Sage is contraindicated if you are breastfeeding.
    • Use caution with high blood pressure. You may need to omit or reduce the number of drops of rosemary.
    • *If you are breastfeeding, omit the sage, as this is an anti-galactagogue. Also, don’t include any mint, clary sage or parsley essential oils for the same reason. I would, however, add in 1-2 drops each of geranium and frankincense, specifically for postpartum hair loss, as long as you are more than 3 plus months postpartum.

My herbal regimen to strengthen & grow thick, healthy hair.


Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prescribe. It is recommended that if serious health issues exist, you consult a licensed medical provider. JennScents does not assume liability or responsibility for the use and/or misuse of this information.

The information shared was created solely by Certified Clinical Phyto-Aromatherapist & Scentpreneur™, Jennifer H. Pressimone. Copyright2018. No portion of this content may be reproduced, shared, or copied without written permission from the author. Any such reproduction in any form would constitute plagiarism.

References: This blog contains excerpts from JennScents Aromaversity Certification Courses and the JennScents Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide.

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