Shades of Personality

Shades of personality Taking my morning walk through nature, the beautiful colors of fall caught my eye. It also got me thinking, as there are many shades of leaves throughout the season, we have many shades to our personality through seasons as well. Notice if your mood changes each month or with each season. Do …

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Essential Oil List

Need an essential oil list? There are over 350 different essential oils. Some are from the same plant family but a different species. this is important, especially trying to foster sustainability and conservation efforts. As certain plants become endangered, farmers and aromatherapists are constantly looking for a healthy and effective substitute. Chemistry will play a …

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Vagus Nerve Support

What happens in Vagus, shouldn’t stay in Vagus. The vagus nerve is often overlooked when it comes to balancing our mind, emotions and physical issues. However, it is a key catalyst in how our entire mind & body works, communicates and heals itself. When the vagus nerve gets stuck… The list goes on and on. …

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