11 Ways to Increase Revenue as a Health Coach

11 Ways to Increase Revenue as a Health Coach

Finding ways to increase revenue as a health coach can be somewhat challenging. However, it is smart business to always seek opportunities that strengthen and increase revenue streams. You want to be able to continue to grow and sustain without costing you more time and breaking your back. Easier said than done, right? Especially when you are pulled in so many directions while managing your day to day operations.

Let’s face it, the health coach field has greatly expanded over the last 5-10 years with the increased interest in natural health. People want to take control over their health choices and learn how to strengthen their body, minds and diets. You included. So how can you share what you know, build a full-time income and still manage your life and family responsibilities? The answer…residual income.


11 Ways to Increase Revenue as a Health Coach

Here is a quick guide to provide you with 11 ways to increase revenue as a Health Coach. This is inspiration to get you thinking about how you can not only increase your sales, but how can you do it while having fun and improving your own health at the same time? How can you create your own “stimulus check” that comes into your bank account daily, weekly or monthly?

If you are not doing these 11 things, you could be missing income opportunities. You might be doing some of these already, so let this be a reminder to keep working on strengthening this revenue stream. You might be inspired to create more ways that you can cross-market and drive your sales. Think outside of the box.

What are you not doing, that you could be doing that would open a door to income possibilities?

  1. Collaboration! Is there another business in town you can collaborate and network with to keep each other top of mind with clients and customers?
  2. Affiliate Marketing. Partner with people and products you love to support each other. Offer commissions to those referring to you. And join their affiliate program to earn extra cash for referring to them. It is about fellow businesses supporting each other.
  3. Herbal supplement integration. Do you have a favorite herbal company that delivers results day in and day out with your clients? Join their affiliate or integrative marketing plan to provide reputable herbs, with an easy reordering feature.
    • When I first was introduced to herbs, it was with a multi-level company. I didn’t understand multilevel marketing at the time. All I knew is that after trying the herbs, the results I got were life-changing. The products worked. I wasn’t roped into the marketing hype (some companies do that), but rather how their herbs helped my health, gave me a community to tap into for continuous support and provided extra money at a time when I was unable to work. I still use herbs from that same company 20 years later because they continue to change my health, and the health of my customers. In addition, it has afforded me an extra revenue stream, even when my office hours are closed. It allowed me to earn income, so I could be by my grandfather’s, mom and dad’s bedside at their time of need. Not all network marketing companies are bad. However, you do have to do your due diligence to make sure their values match yours. For me, I am apart of two integrative marketing companies, as this provides me two residual income revenue streams. It fits into my business practice easily and it is smart business. You have the opportunity to network with other like-minded people, and who you can brainstorm and collaborate with to help solve health mysteries of your clients. If you are thinking about adding herbs, find a mentor who can support you and provide education along the way. Remember, it is about building strong relationships.
    • If you are interested in an herbal supplement revenue stream, and need a high quality product with my mentorship, let’s schedule a chat.
  4. As a health coach, aromatherapy is a given. There is so much research showing the efficacy and benefits aromatherapy can provide on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Adding it into a health and wellness plan can strengthen mindset to keep working towards their goal, balance emotional highs and lows, as well as support physical challenges. I remember when I created my business plan in 2003, one of my goals was for aromatherapy to be a household name. Done. I believe every household in America has some form of aromatherapy in it. Whether you sell essential oils or essential oil blends to your clients, or create custom blends for them using essential oils, it is a powerful revenue stream for you.
    • If essential oils and custom blending are not your thing, I offer an affiliate program if you would like to partner together. You do what you do, and I can supply the custom aromatherapy blend to. We can chat first to see how we can best support each other.
  5. Add-on services to existing services. Do you currently offer massage, facials, reflexology, hypnotherapy, or other professional service? Offer an Aromatherapy Add-On service to enhance their experience, and deepen their results. At my day spa, I had an Aromatherapy Add-on Service that was very popular. For an extra $15-$25, the client could be immersed in one of our premade blends, or stop by our JennScents Aromatherapy Custom Blending Bar before their treatment to have a custom blend made.
  6. Integrative services. Mix and match existing services that you already have to create a new package. A way to fresh up services – a mix of old and new. Use what you already have to combine services offering a new, unique experience. A good example, create a spa package with aromatherapy massage and an aromatherapy facial. For health coaches, you can add-on a custom aromatherapy blend with each coaching package, or include a set of 2-4 essential oil blends for them to use throughout their coaching.
  7. Educational webinars. Include cross promotion of aromatherapy you sell in your classes and webinars. If you need training or guidance in creating aromatherapy events and classes, here is a great training tool.
  8. Offer compelling, supportive and tangible material to improve your client’s health journey via a “lead magnet”. this will allow you to collect emails and send them information that will help them transform their goals into a reality. It can be something as simple as a one-page food or exercise tracker, or a multi-page eBook on a specific topic or detox method.
  9. Be a guest on Podcasts to get in front of new audiences.
  10. Join a local Networking group to collaborate, build community and increase awareness about what you do and who you serve.
  11. Include Aromatherapy corner in your Newsletter with tips and products


Want to save time creating a plan to integrate aromatherapy into your business? Let me help.

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