4 Essential Oils to Ease Stress

Here are 4 essential oils to ease stress and boost energy. Um, yes please!

It is common knowledge these days that aromatherapy can help improve mood, aid in relaxation, feel rejuvenated, and assist with physical imbalances. However, what is not so known, is the specific power certain essential oils have when used strategically in aromatherapy practices. When you combine certain essential oils, in the right dilution ratio, and the right times during the day, you can help the mind and body balance quicker and more effectively. This will help you maintain and sustain your stress-relieving efforts.


4 Essential Oils to Ease Stress

  1. Cedarwood, Cedrus atlantica – helps you feel grounded, strong, resilient and determined to get through any stress
  2. Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia – commonly referred to as the “everything oil”, it enhances relaxation to help reduce stress levels, allowing you to breath and sleep more deeply
  3. LemongrassCymbopogon flexuosus – a great rejuvenator to give you energy and stamina to work through any stressful moment or situation
  4. Sweet OrangeCitrus sinensis – one of my favorite adrenal-supporting oils that boosts creativity and fun to lighten the mood through any stressful times


Healthy Stress Management Tips

  • SLEEP! Get to be by 10:30pm. Your “second adrenaline” kicks in at 11pm to facilitate nighttime mind-body maintenance. This energy boost is not for you to stay up all night. It is meant to provide energy to your detoxification organs so it can take out the trash.  If this doesn’t happen efficiently, those systems get backed up leading to a host of health issues such as weight gain, memory & cognitive deficits, sluggishness, moodiness, anxiety, and more.
  • FOOD! Eat foods that agree with your body! If you eat a food or drink a beverage and it causes gas within 5-10 minutes…this is your gut telling you that food is causing a mess in the gut, rather than providing nutrients it can use.
  • FUN! Have fun!  Engage in a hobby, watch a funny movie or videos that makes you belly laugh. Laughter has proven to boost and strengthen immune functions and reduce stress.

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