6 Essential Oils to Calm a Raging Sinus Headache

6 Essential Oils to Calm a Raging Sinus Headache
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6 Essential Oils to Calm a Raging Sinus Headache

Want to know 6 essential oils to calm a raging sinus headache, especially from those who suffer from allergies? I have found that these five in particular, either smelled individually or combined in a blend and diffused, gave great relief.


Sinus Headache Symptoms

When the sinuses become inflamed and/or infected, it can cause severe pressure in your head and neck.

  • sinus cavity & nasal pressure
  • sinus congestion with runny nose
  • pressure behind the eyes
  • swollen or puffy eyes
  • ear canal pressure and pain
  • ear and lymph congestion


Nose-Gut Connection

When people ask me what remedies do I have for their sinus issues, here is how the dialogue usually goes –

Me: “How are your bowels?”

Client: (after laughing), “My problem is with my nose, not my butt.”

Me: “That’s what you think. When your bowels get backed up like constipation, and/or are overactive, like diarrhea, it will affect your sinuses.”

Here is the deal, if toxins cannot get through the bowels, they will try to get out via the respiratory system. If that is backed up, they will start coming out through the skin (aka your third kidney). Culprits contributing to poor bowel movements such as constipation, can be over-exposure to irritating chemicals and low immunity which feeds allergy responses. Lightbulbs going off yet?

So yes, the problem is in your nose, but you have to assess bowel activity to balance this imbalance.


Essential Oil Solutions

Beneficial essential oils would be expectorants, decongestants, anti-inflammatory and lymphatic movers that enhance circulation.

  1. Black pepper – Piper nigrum
    • stimulates circulation
  2. Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus globulus
    • opens up nasal passageways, drying effect
  3. NiaouliMelaleuca viridiflora; quinquinervia
    • opening yet soothing to sinus membranes
  4. Peppermint – Mentha x piperita
    • opens up nasal passageways, drying effect
  5. Ravintsara – Cinnamomum camphora
    • opening yet soothing to sinus membranes
  6. RosemaryRosmarinus officinalis
    • stimulates circulation


Want me to make it for you? Here are my JennScents Sinus Support Remedies –


Sinus Headache Herbal Remedies


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Author: Jennifer Pressimone, Entrepreneur, Formulator, Author
Jennifer Pressimone is an aromatherapy entrepreneur (an Aromapreneur™). She is the founder and President of JennScents®, Inc. and the JennScents Aromaversity®. She is the Vice-President and Regional Florida Director of Central Florida for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). Jennifer has build, managed and maintained several health and wellness businesses over the last 20 years. She is an incredibly gifted essential oil formulator, aromatherapy educator, public speaker, herbalist, author and philanthropist. She leads with passion, experience and heart to inspire, empower and motivate others to not only follow their dreams, but crush it, realizing more than they ever imagined possible. Jennifer is a life coach and business mentor. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, and has thousands of hours in continuing education in many health and wellness topics. Her specialties include mind-body health, gastrointestinal health and cognitive aromatherapy for humans and pets.

Disclaimers: Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prescribe. It is recommended that if serious health issues exist, you consult a licensed medical provider. JennScents does not assume liability or responsibility for the use and/or misuse of this information.

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