Aromatherapy Tool: A Powerful Asset for Health Coaches

Aromatherapy Tool for Health Coaches

How can integrating aromatherapy into your health coach business, help you help your clients?

  • Understand your client at their core. What are their experiences, what do they love, what feeds their soul?
  • What do they know they need to do that they’re not already doing?
  • What is stopping them from doing it?
  • What would motivate them to do the actions needed to achieve what they want?
  • Why have they not achieved in the past? What experience told them they can’t do it? How old were they when that happened? What were the circumstances surrounding that situation that reinforced that message?


One of the ways you can provide structure, support, and solutions is to integrate an aromatherapy custom blend to help them tap in and connect on a deeper level to their core constitution. Their true self.

Essential oils provide cellular and micro-cellular support. They can shift an energy vibration to help kick negativity and self-sabotage by converting that into confidence, motivation, and drive. When ideas, thoughts and feelings are consuming and hold your client back from going after what they want in the way they need to, you know they are not in alignment. Using aromatherapy in its true form bridges that gap to align head, heart, and gut.


How do you implement an aromatherapy tool for health coaches to enhance your business, client services and client results? Creating a custom blend that matches who they truly are at their constitutional level, will help bring them from a “failed state” into a “success state”. When they are in a success state, they will be unstoppable. This is one tool that you will use from your toolbox to help strengthen their constitution so they can complete the work you have laid out before them. It will strengthen their mindset, mood, determination, perseverance, resilience, and drive to not only conquer their goals but to see beyond their goals. As a health coach, you will combine your skills with the tool of aromatherapy to help them not only achieve but to sustain ongoing success.


If you are not well versed in aromatherapy, partner with a Professional or Clinical Aromatherapist, such as myself, to create custom blends for you. You can refer out for this service or include it as a part of your coaching package. Ask if they have an affiliate program as a way for you to generate residual income.


Let’s “aromatherapitize” our community and bring greater balance and harmony with head, heart and gut intuition.

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