Emotional Healing With Aromatherapy

How can someone embrace the process of scent therapy and how do you create that scent journey experience for them to get emotional healing with aromatherapy?

This was a question that came up during a recent interview. I elaborate on the deep emotional healing benefits scent can bring, and how a customized blend can make a greater impact.

As a user of custom aromatherapy blends, or an aromatherapy practitioner, you can receive and achieve immense emotional and mental health healing. Scents help you discover and uncover unspoken emotions you either don’t know you have, or you want to ignore and hope they go away.

When you acknowledge them through a scent experience, it can bring you clarity, comfort & courage to face those emotions, honor them and then release them. This liberates you of carrying their heavy burdens and keeping you weighed down.

These hidden emotions are what is holding you back from making a decision and pursuing a goal. It allows you to make excuses further keeping you from shining bright in all you are and all you do.

Listen in to Jennifer share her insight, wisdom and intention she puts into her process of creating personalized custom blends for you.

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