When to Use a Spray or Pump Top for Essential Oil Blends

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Spray or Pump Top for Essential Oil Blends

Sprayer top? Or Pump top? That is the questions.

The top you use on your aromatherapy products can make all the difference. There is also a safety factor. You want to make sure you match up the right top so the user can get the full benefit of the essential oils and botanical carriers. Some carriers and essential oils are thick, while others are very thin and watery. Use the wrong top and you can have a mess everywhere. You don’t want to make it messy to use, or to stain clothing. Then your client or customer will throw it away.

Watch me explaining it in greater detail here.


The various kinds of tops for aromatherapy products

  • Sprayer tops: use for watery & thin liquids. Do not use with thicker blends as it will clog the sprayer. It might nit come out at first, but with more pressure, it will shoot out in a stream, making a mess.
  • Pump top or often referred to as Treatment Pumps: These have a little pout that can help control the amount that comes out. you want to use this with a thicker volume or consistency. It will come out in a thick stream. If you use with watery ingredients, it can shoot out and splatter everywhere. So, use caution the first few times you pump it out. You also want to make sure you have a cap that goes over the pump top so it doesn’t keep getting pumped while in travel or storage.
  • Flip tops: This is a different option from using a pump top. It is shorter so often used when storing in a small space, Ziplock or travel bag. Use caution in travel that the flip top doesn’t open and spill the contents. You can place a piece of tap over it while traveling to help it say secure.


Additional Tips With Spray or Pump Top for Essential Oil Blends

The dilution ratio also makes a difference in the viscosity. So, if it is too thick, it can clog a sprayer.

Blending Tips on how to create an aromatherapy blend



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