Essential oils are more than a pretty scent

Essential oils are more than a pretty scent

Essential oils are more than just a pretty scent. They can help you connect to your purpose, passion and authentic self so you feel confident and happy. When you understand their true nature, you can use that to create a beneficial blend that connects your thoughts with your feelings and intuition. You will feel whole, aligned, and grounded. This is the true power of aromatherapy.

Scents provoke certain responses within you. It might make you feel relaxed, energized, or balanced. Sometimes you may love a scent, and other times you may not like it at all. It all means something. This is how essential oils connect you to understanding yourself on a deeper level. Your scent responses will tell you where you are in your emotional journey, what you are ready to work on or work through, and what you are not ready to work on.


I call this understanding of an essential oil’s personality, scentillect. When you are able to translate that essential oil personality into meaningful and impacting understanding of yourself or clients, I call that scenterpretation™.


Understanding how scent works to improve your health

Here is a glimpse of how we teach you to use aromatherapy effectively at the JennScents Aromaversity. You will see the power of how essential oils can improve your health physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.

Learn my system of Olfactory Sensory Testing® to help you assess scent responses and how they can help you. You may not like every scent, and that is ok. But for the ones you do like, how can you combine them to create a personalized custom blend that is just for? Listen in and I’ll tell you.



Want to know more about essential oils and become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapists? Visit us at the JennScents Aromaversity and learn how you can help yourself, family and others with holistic aromatherapy.

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