JennScents Holiday Shopping Guide 2020

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2020 is more important than ever to send your loved ones some thing special, filled with love & comfort. The process is simple…you order, we ship.

Our unique aromatherapy gift boxes ship directly to your loved one for FREE, with a personalized gift message from you.

If you can’t give a hug in person, here is the next best thing…a virtual hug.

Scents create memories that last a lifetime™.


For someone who has experienced loss
Scent memories to honor a life & legacy™
Aromatic Honoring a Legacy Gift Box

For someone who is grieving
When you can’t find the words, but want to help
Grief Relief Support Box

Christmas Gift for Anyone
Make it feel like you’re in a Christmas tree lot
Christmas Aromatherapy Gift Box

For Anyone
Everyone can use some stress relief in their life
Stress Relief Aromatherapy Gift Box

Send Hope
Inspire hope, courage, comfort and contentment
Inspiring Hope Gift Box

Send appreciation to a caregiver
Caregivers need self-care more than ever right now
Caregiver Aromatherapy Gift Box



Honoring a Legacy Gift Box:

A special, meaningful, unique, personalized and heartfelt gift that says what words cannot express. Honor a loved one with our Aromatic Honoring Gift Box. A wonderful way to help someone or a family celebrate the life and honor a loved one or pet with this unforgettable treasure. Made with 100% pure essential oils, botanicals, love, strength and prayers to help someone remember the good times, manage their grief and nourish their heart. We’ve included a special combination of essential oils that offer a comforting, connecting and supportive scent.

Creating scent memories that honor a legacy™

Scent memories last a lifetime. They become tradition in transforming emotions into comfort. Use this special gift box for a funeral, Celebration of life, or pet burial to honor them as you say goodbye.

Gift box contents include:

Aromatic Honoring Spray, 2oz | Aromatic Roll-on | Honoring Salts, 20z | Honor Blessing Card

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Grief Relief Support Gift Box:

It’s hard to find the words to send your condolences when a loved one is grieving but its even harder to find something to send to help them through this hard time.  Something that can bring comfort, strength and love to show how much you care. This special, customized gift box is the perfect way to share your heart and prayers, lending  support and bringing them comfort.

When you need a gift that says what words cannot say…this JennScents gift box can speak to the heart, offering an unforgettable treasure. Scents create memories that last a lifetime. They become tradition in transforming emotions into comfort.

Gift box contents include:

The 2oz. Grief Relief Spray is a custom blend of essential oils such as Ravintsara, Rose & Sandalwood, known to help support the body and mind during times of grief, guilt, shock & distress.

A 2oz. Distress Remedy Flower Essence combination that offers soothing relief to emotional distress.  Great for anxiety, nervous stomach, uncomfortable and upsetting situations.

10ml roll-on of Comfort Compass Blend which is designed to bring your mind and body comfort and joy.  It helps calm anxiety, stress relief, can help you feel safe, secure and supported.

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Christmas Tree Gift Box:

A special Christmas Aromatherapy Gift Box created for you or to share as a gift. Feel immersed in the Christmas spirit with this amazing Christmas Tree Lot scented trio. The scent-filled Gift Box is conveniently packaged and pre-arranged to save you time and money. What better way to nourish yourself, and/or let others know you love and appreciate them, than this special Christmas holiday edition. The Christmas Tree Lot scent includes balsam fir, pine needle and orange, perfectly formulated to make you feel wrapped up in a Christmas tree.

Gift box contents include:

A Christmas Tree Lot Bath Salt, 4oz.: This can also be used as a shower scrub or hand exfoliant. Simply add salts to warm water and enjoy as these scents nourish both the mind and body.

Christmas Tree Lot Room Spray, 2oz.: You can spray throughout the house, car or workplace to release the Christmas Tree scent. You can also use as hand sanitizer, deodorant, foot spray, perfume, cologne or linen spray.

A Christmas Tree Lot Roll-on, 10ml: Take this scent everywhere you go, in your purse or pocket. The Christmas tree scented roll-on can be used as a perfume, cologne, headache or stress relief when applied to the neck or temples and as a sleep aid.

Wrapped up in a gift box with fill, ready to present as a gift

Keep this special aromatherapy trio for yourself or split it up into 3 holiday gifts or stocking stuffers. Relax, breathe in Christmas and enjoy your holiday season.

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Stress Relief Aromatherapy Gift Box:

Everyone NEEDS stress relief in their life. Especially right now! This special aromatherapy gift box was formulated with you in mind to help manage stress when you are on the go, busy parenting, being a teacher, caregiver, student, co-worker, etc. Keep for yourself or share.

Scents create memories for a lifetime™

This gift box includes the following products wrapped in a gift box with fill, ready to enjoy or present as a gift. Made with 100% pure essential oils & botanicals to feel nurtured and nourished.

1 Stress Relief Spray, 2oz. | 1 Stress Away Roll-on | 1 Bath Salt, 2oz.

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Inspiring Hope gift box:

This gift box is great for inspiration & encouragement. A great gift when someone you know needs a little sunshine and direction to inspire hope, courage, comfort & contentment. Help someone find their way when they are lost, or need encouragement to stay positive and productive. A loving way to infuse joy, happiness and love to lift their spirits & make them feel connected & nurtured. Perfect for someone going through a tough time, depression, needing inspiration, motivation, encouragement and enlightenment. Let someone know they are loved and that they matter.

These special 4 aromatherapy roll-ons not only strengthen mindset, balance emotions, & nourish the body, they also are named with positive affirmations to remind your loved one to have Courage, Contentment, Confidence & Comfort.

This Inspiring Hope gift box for inspiration & encouragement contains one of each of these aromatherapy blends –CourageComfortContentment, and Confidence – all packaged in an attractive gift box . Inside, you’ll find an informative Compass Blend product booklet & benefits!

Solle Courage Blend:  lavender, frankincense, geranium, palmarosa, may chang, cedar, German & Roman Chamomile, Patchouli, Blue Cypress, petitgrain, yuzu, Balsam peru & ginger

Solle Contentment:  German & Roman Chamomile, Patchouli, Blue Cypress, petitgrain, yuzu, Balsam peru, ginger, lavender, frankincense, geranium, palmarosa, may chang, cedar, lemongrass, rosemary, spearmint, black pepper, fennel, sweet basil, lemon & eucalyptus

Solle Comfort:  cinnamon, blood orange, pink grapefruit, lime, ravintsara, oregano, elemi, lemongrass, rosemary, spearmint, black pepper, fennel, sweet basil, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, frankincense, geranium, palmarosa, may chang & cedar

Solle Confidence:  lemongrass, rosemary, spearmint, black pepper, fennel, sweet basil, lemon, eucalyptus, German & Roman Chamomile, Patchouli, Blue Cypress, petitgrain, yuzu, Balsam peru & ginger

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Caregiver Aromatherapy Gift Set:

Everyone needs loving, kind and restorative self-care, especially caregivers!  They give so selflessly, without regard to their own needs. This is a special aromatherapy gift box was created to honor and support those caregivers, sharing their heart and soul each and every day to help someone feel better and loved.

When you need a gift that expresses more than words ever could…this JennScents gift box can speak to the heart, offering an unforgettable treasure.

Scents create memories that last a lifetime. They become tradition in transforming emotions into comfort.

Gift box contents include:

Courage Aromatherapy Roll-on, 10ml (a floral, fruity, grounding scent)

Stress Relief Spray, 2oz. (a citrus-spice scent)

JennScents “Just Breathe” Essential Oil Blend Nasal Atomizer (invigorating and nourishing)

Relaxing Hand & Body Lotion, 2oz. (scents of lavender, chamomile, mandarin and silver fir)

Rejuvenating Hand Scrub, 4oz. (scents of peppermint, lime and sweet basil)

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You can now save your favorites to your JennScents Wishlist. Share with others so the get you the perfect gift, that you really want & need.


Do you know someone in need of love, support and aromatherapy? Gift an aromatherapy product or gift set to someone you care for. It can even be sent to them anonymously.









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Author: Jennifer Pressimone, Entrepreneur, Formulator, Author
Jennifer Pressimone is an aromatherapy entrepreneur (an Aromapreneur™). She is the founder and President of JennScents®, Inc. and the JennScents Aromaversity®. She is the Vice-President and Regional Florida Director of Central Florida for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). Jennifer has build, managed and maintained several health and wellness businesses over the last 20 years. She is an incredibly gifted essential oil formulator, aromatherapy educator, public speaker, herbalist, author and philanthropist. She leads with passion, experience and heart to inspire, empower and motivate others to not only follow their dreams, but crush it, realizing more than they ever imagined possible. Jennifer is a life coach and business mentor. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, and has thousands of hours in continuing education in many health and wellness topics. Her specialties include mind-body health, gastrointestinal health and cognitive aromatherapy for humans and pets.

Disclaimers: Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prescribe. It is recommended that if serious health issues exist, you consult a licensed medical provider. JennScents does not assume liability or responsibility for the use and/or misuse of this information.

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