How Citrus Essential Oils Improve Mental Health

How Citrus Essential Oils Improve Mental Health

Citrus essential oils have a reputation of being mood lifters, energy boosters, and smile provokers. Great qualities to have, right? But did you know they each have their own distinct personality and benefits?

They do! In addition to each citrus fruit having its own distinct scent, they also have their own unique benefits.

For example, some are more nurturing than others while some offer more lymphatic decongestant benefits.

Here is a quick guide to help you choose which citrus essential oil to include a blend.

Bergamot: Quick pick me up, anxiety buster, OCD & addictive personality quencher to bring mood balance, and is a glandular system supporter. Great to calm spasm or spasm-like emotional responses like panic. Its scent is between a deep earthy fruit and a more tangy, bitter scent. From this, you can see how it is more of a grounding or balancing fruit oil.

Grapefruit: When you feel stuck, sluggish, indecisive and buried with overwhelm, and is a lymphatic system supporter. Have a more bitter, sharp scent, you can tell grapefruit is going to ignite your motivation and get you moving. Although a nurturer, it is less nurturing than say sweet orange or yuzu.

Lemon: The color yellow is a hint of its illuminating benefits. It shines a light on your path to helps you find your way when you feel lost. This helps you see your clear path, think clearer, and boosts immunity so you can fight off any type of invasion – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. You can see why lemon has earned its reputation of being an illuminator.

Lime: Being green, it lends its signature of being a balanced fruit. Balancing mood, emotions, and even pH. Lime helps you release control, so you can tap into your inner child and have fun without feeling consumed by responsibility. When you are consumed by controlling a situation, it can keep you from seeing the bigger picture so you can adapt accordingly.

Sweet Orange: Such a nurturer! It nourishes your adrenals, strengthens your energy and nervous system functions to ignite your fun side, especially when you feel exhausted. The color orange represents creativity, and the essential oil of orange holds true to this. Sparking imagination and getting your creative juices flowing to create a new project, add special touches, or solve a solution to a stubborn problem.

Yuzu: A unique fruit with a unique personality. Helps you adapt to new situations, circumstances, people, career and places with less hesitation. Giving you the most support in handling a chaotic situation with lots of moving parts in a short timeframe. Hence, yuzu is the most adaptable.

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