How does aromatherapy strengthen your mind and body

How does aromatherapy strengthen your mind and body?

The short answer to how aromatherapy can strengthen your mind and body is that your limbic system LOVES scents – pure scents, not synthetic fragrances. When a scent molecules goes in through the nose, it connects into certain receptor sites that inspire you to feel a certain way. It can relax, rejuvenate, energize or balance you.

To elaborate, your body is this astonishing machine. The way it works is so complicated, yet simple. It is like an engine of a car. When you give it the right nutrients (fuel) and oil, it will run like a champ. Same thing with your body, when you give it the right food and hydration, it will run like a champ. Part of the nutrients is smelling really good quality essential oils. They nourish your mind and body from the inside out, helping the electrical system work great. When this is working, you can hold onto the food nutrients you eat and drink.


Putting essential oils into action to create action

Using essential oils in a certain combination will help you strengthen your mind and body to –

  • focus with clarity
  • combat anxious and depressive thoughts
  • inspire motivation to take action towards a goal you have
  • curb certain cravings (blood sugar imbalance & emotional eating)
  • enhance gut functions
  • relieve your stress keeping hormones in check


Powerful right? That is why I love making custom blends for you. A very specific combination that is specific to who you are and what you need to soar and shine.


Fun DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Blend to Inspire Motivation

  • 3 drops lemon, Citrus limonum
  • 2 drops orange, Citrus sinensis
  • 1 drop eucalyptus, Eucalyptus globulus
  • 1 drop peppermint, Mentha x piperita

Add essential oils into your ultrasonic diffuser. Diffuser for 30 minutes while you envision conquering your tasks and goals.


Want to feel more confident in using essential oils safely to take care your family & others?
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