How essential oils can promote a positive mindset

How essential oils can promote a positive mindset

Essential oils can promote a positive mindset and enhance brainpower simply by smelling a scent. When you inhale certain scents, they activate your limbic system which tells your brain how to respond to a situation or circumstance. For example, when you are having high anxiety, you can smell a citrus like bergamot or a flower oil like lavender to reduce the anxiety and nervousness. When you need to elevate your thinking, focus and concentration, peppermint or eucalyptus could be beneficial.

“When you focus on the positive and happy outcome, you are more motivated not to procrastinate.” – Jennifer H. Pressimone

Research studies along with the effects of the pandemic we all just experienced over the last couple of years have shown us the power of our olfactory system. So many either lost or experienced a decrease in their ability to smell, which directly affected how they felt and were able to cope with daily stress. We saw an increase in emotional ups and downs, mood being altered, increased loneliness, depression and anxiety. We also saw a decrease in the ability to focus, concentrate and with memory recall.

Certain essential oils were scientifically shown to strengthen a positive mindset while reducing fatigue and exhaustion. We have learned that there is a close interconnection between our olfaction process and emotional responses (source). Emotions, as we know, drives our behaviors, responses, reactions, and habits. When you are down, depressed or feel disconnected, you do not make the best decisions. However, when you are happy and positive, you tend to make more educated and beneficial decisions.

3 Key Ways of How Scent Therapy Works

  1. Emotional balance
  2. Brain & Limbic System activation
  3. Gut-Brain communication enhancement of nervous system

Listen in to get deeper insight on how aromatherapy helps physiological, psychological, biochemical and energetic health. Also, learn about a few essential oils you want to incorporate into your daily routine now.

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