How JennScents Began: A Legacy in the Making

How JennScents Began: A Legacy in the Making

JennScents began in 2002, kind of on accident. I was sick. Met a lady at a local herb shop who kept asking me to come back in and give her an update on my health (and just to say hi). Who knew this random act of kindness would connect on such a deep level that changed the trajectory of my life completely.


JennScents® & the JennScents Aromaversity®

I was always somewhat of a need or geek. I loved learning. But more importantly, I loved achieving by knowing the knowledge I learned. I always thought of myself as a learner, not a teacher.

Through the love, support and belief of my mentor and family, I found talents I never knew I had. I found a deeper connection with God than I ever thought possible. As so it began…my life as JennScents®.

After seeing the power of what aromatherapy, herbs and holistic modalities could do for my own health, I embarked on my new mission to help educate others, like you. I wanted to share what I had learned about the health benefits of essential oils and herbs. It changed my life, and I knew it could help someone else.


Getting JennScents® started

JennScents® was started by Jennifer Pressimone by merging her passion to help people with the necessity for authentic aromatic education. In the midst of her healing journey while battling a debilitating health challenge, Jennifer started learning about herbs and aromatherapy.  It was hard to find accurate and truthful information from reputable sources. The internet was not where it is today. Information and education was scarce. Needless to say, she learned and used herself as her first guinea pig.  After mixing some oils together and using it for various health needs, Jennifer got results…great results. Her counter of prescription medications soon turned into a counter of essential oils

Jennifer worked with an herbalist at the local Herb Shop for years. Other customers who saw her regularly were intrigued by her amazing health transformation. From not being able to walk to being happy, healthy and vibrant. That led to her opening JennScents Aromatherapy Bar in a small space inside of that Herb Shop. She recalls, “sitting at the kitchen table with her husband, mom, and step-dad Bud, brainstorming about business names. Bud threw out the name “JennScents” and all of our eyes lit up. That’s it. I am JennScents!” 

Her business quickly grew through word of mouth about her incredible custom blends. Jennifer didn’t just bottle up essential oil blends, she took time to talk with her customers, understand their needs, and match up the right oils with precision. From here, she developed her education and intuitive strength. Customers would visit her from all over the country to get one of her special aromatherapy custom blends. As people experienced improved health for a variety of health issues, she’d she share other helpful tips and resources. Jennifer was often asked to be a guest speaker at conferences and events to share her aromatherapy methods. People requested classes which served as the foundation for the JennScents Aromaversity (formally called the JennScents Institute).


Serving the Community by Building a Legacy

From a small office, to a classroom, to an online and virtual platform, JennScents has had thousands of students pass through their doors. Students, like you, who are excited to know more about how essential oils and herbs can be used for holistic health. Having a hands-on mentor herself, Jennifer saw the benefit of learning alongside someone who has already walked in that path. It made the journey easier and more meaningful. That same level of compassion and care shines through in Jennifer’s classes and certification programs. She makes time for her students to help them grow personally and professionally.

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