JennScents Aromaversity Student Book Review from February 2017

Book: JennScents Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide, author Jennifer Pressimone.

This is the first book I had purchased on aromatherapy and thought that after taking classes with Jennifer, this was the best place to start. I enjoyed the book for many reasons, firstly because the extensive information continues to help me in my growth of knowledge. I have found that I really enjoy how easy it is to use with the table of contents, the general index, and all of the charts and recipes. In my opinion this guide is a great reference book for the beginner to the more experienced user. Prior to taking classes from Jennifer or reading the guide, I had never thought that an essential oil could potentially cause harm. As a beginner, I needed to learn the fundamentals of safety. There is so much incorrect information on the internet now. I was being misguided by individuals who had not taken the time to truly learn the power of essential oils, both good and bad. I think of essentials oils very differently. I now know that essentials oils should only be considered  by someone with the proper training and skills, they may have contradictions and some could be harmful to those with high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnancy and should not be used directly on the skin unless except in cases where neat would be best and then a test area on skin should be used before applying to a larger area and to use a fat soluble base to dilute an essential oil that comes in contact with the skin to help prevent damage to the skin. This guide has a good section on the safety pertaining to the use of essential oils.  

As someone fairly new to aromatherapy, I appreciate the history and guidance. I appreciate the references to other resources as I learned about the methods used to harvest and produce essential oils. The overview of chemistry is written in fairly understandable terms. The chemistry is clearly very complicated for someone who has very little chemistry background but I am working on learning more and this is a good place to start. My husband has a science-based career, and I found that as I learn more, the deeper our conservations are growing. Information in the JennScents guide prompts me to ask questions and typically we are able to find a middle ground where I am able to learn more. He is also beginning to accept the power of essential oils…at times, not always. I did create a blend for him as one of my case studies which has helped me to show him that essential oils are not just the mind, essentials oils are teaching him the physical, and emotion sides of the power of essential oils. This would not have happened without the guidance I have received from the book and from the classes that help to drive home the uses and purposes of essential oils in our lives. I love the phrase Jennifer coined “essential oils are like CPR for the cells”.  Working in a branch of science, myself, I am aware that inhalation is one of the quickest and best means of delivery so I was not surprised to learn that essential oils work so well and so quickly from inhalation. The more I learn, the more I realize the potential of the oils: Each oil working on its own, working with one another, or with several other as a team to help not just one indication at a time but with several indications at once to help mental, physical, emotion and spiritual well-being.  

The more time I’ve spent with this JennScents Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide and the more time I’ve spent getting to know the oils, I have been inspired to create recipes for family and friends. One blend in particular I was inspired to make as a result of learning about the circadian rhythm. I had heard of circadian rhythm before, but never understood the relevancy of time and the body’s processes and the true importance of being in bed by 10 pm so that our bodies can get to work doing the heavy lifting while we sleep. I found this very interesting and found it to be very common sensical. I awake each night between the hours of 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. I wondered if a blend created to help my glandular system would aid my sleep. I created a blend to diffuse in the room when I go to bed at night. I have not seen a change in my sleeping habits after using for 2 weeks, but I have had this sleeping pattern for so many years that it will probably take more time to resolve itself into a new pattern.

I am thoroughly enjoying this book as it is not one you would read and put aside, but it is truly a great book to use as a reference. I would highly recommend JennScents Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide to anyone wishing to learn more about essential oils and who would like an easy to use, well written guide. 

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