The Journey of a Certified Professional Holistic Aromatherapy Graduate

November 22, 2017 Leave your thoughts

My Journey

Eight years ago, after taking an antibiotic my intestinal flora was compromised. I started studying holistic wellness and herbal remedies, that’s where my aromatic journeys began. The area that kept getting my attention was aromatherapy. I wanted to know more about how these plant volatile oils could help my family and in what ways. The NAHA website helped me to narrow the schools down to JennScents. I chose JennScents because she focused more on the health benefits and less on her personal beliefs.

Follow Your Nose

It is important to study oils, so you have a personal knowledge of them and do not have to depend on the instructions from others. There are many people giving incorrect information on essential oils with some companies teaching there is only one oil or blend for a need. I learned, this is to keep you with just their company. For example, there is not just one blend for allergies, it depends on the person and their aromatic preferences. To have a well-rounded plethora of oils, usually you need to order from several reputable companies.

Paying it Forward

Helping family and friends with blends, sprays, roll-ons, etc., is just the beginning. It is so rewarding to teach and write to help others learn about essential oil benefits. With JennScents Aromaversity you can work at home at your own pace. The curriculum is written with years of knowledge yet, in an easy way to understand. Jennifer is always there to answer questions with explanations in great detail. You not only learn about the essential oils and how to use them, but how to successfully open your business as well.



Kimberly McCormick, Certified Holistic Professional Aromatherapist, Holistic Wellness Counselor, Reflexologist and JennScents Aromaversity graduate. She is the owner of Faithfully Natural Aromatherapy, wife, mother of four wonderful boys and youth leader at Courts of Praise Worship Center, in Alabama. She can be reached at

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