Does Lemon Essential Oil gobble up toxins?

As a holistic aromatherapy practitioner, I get asked questions on a daily basis about how to use essential oils, and what to use them for.  I recently was asked. “Does lemon essential oil help to detoxify our bodies and gobble up or digest the petrochemicals that end up in our system every day?”

Lemon essential oil per se doesn’t conquer these tasks directly. Rather, it ignites while blood cell production (immunity and cellular function) and enhances overall cellular and physiological energy to feed organs and tissues to do their job more optimally.

When this happens, the body will naturally be able to recognize toxins from nutrients and detoxify any foreign particles thus improving normal eliminative channels. It can also help our bodies balance pH levels which in return will naturally allow the digestive, intestinal, hepatic (liver and gallbladder) and urinary systems to work better, digesting foods and eliminating wastes.  

Basically, the body has naturally occurring physiological functions. Essential oil inhalation activates the gut-brain responses to initiate action so the body can work to the best of its ability. You can’t necessarily say that lemon essential oil gobbles up toxins, because that just cannot happen.  These are scent molecules that activate movement.

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