Do you need to like the smell of all aromatherapy blends to get its benefits?

Do you need to like the smell of all aromatherapy blends to get its benefits?

When creating aromatherapy blends, it is not always important to like the smell. Certainly, it is a more pleasant experience if you like the smell, but not necessary in all cases.

First, look at what you are using the aromatherapy blend for.

If you are combining essential oils & botanicals for a physical need such as skin irritation, burn, bed sore, muscle soreness, back or joint pain, it is more important to choose the right oils regardless of their scent. Of course, it would be nice to like the scent of your blend, but not as vital for a physical concern. You are looking to receive its therapeutic properties more than inhaling its scent to lift mood. For example, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, antiseptic, or vulnerary properties.


To help balance mood & emotions, reduce anger & fear, or cope with grief, the scent is going to be very important. The inhalation method is imperative to engage the limbic processes, and liking the smell is a part of that. When you like a smell, it makes your brain, and smile, light up. It is hard to be sad or negative when you are smiling and happy.

So, choosing essential oils that you would rank an 8, 9 or 10 on a scale of 1 (least like) -10 (most like) is key. If there is an oil that you feel is important to be in your blend, but your client doesn’t like it, you can always add just 1 drop so that it is at least represented in there, but not dominant. For example, not everyone likes patchouli. However, I find it super helpful when you are trying to release or let go of a burdening emotion like bitterness, resentment or betrayal. Therefore, I would add just 1-2 drops in a 2-4% dilution ratio blend in a 2oz spray or lotion. In a roll-on or nasal atomizer, I would just include 1 drop, then add in 3-6 other oils to “cover” its scent. Even though patchouli won’t be the dominating odor, you will still get its benefits and all it can offer to helping your emotions, psyche and behaviors.


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