Mindful Aromatic Blending™

How do you blend?  Do you set up a nice quiet area, line up your essential oils can carriers and create your blend masterpiece without any distractions?  Or are you mixing in a bowl, in the center of your kitchen table, with the television blaring, phone ringing and kids running about? Creating a well balanced, harmonious blend, requires Mindful Aromatic Blending™.


Mindful Aromatic Blending™

Mindful Aromatic Blending™ is the gift, talent and intention of being present before, during and after a blending session of essential oils and botanicals. Often times, we try to multi-task when formulating or making up a blend. This leaves room to make a mistake in selecting essential oils, the number of drops to include of each of the oils and making it into the wrong carrier. You are also injecting that chaotic energy into the blend. Look up the works of Dr. Emoto and his water blessing labels. He explains beautifully how our surroundings and energy can affect the water, and other liquids around us.

When you use a Mindful Aromatic Blending™ approach, it helps you be more present, more aware and in the moment. You are cognizant of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how to do it. You are able to set the intent with more clarity and elevate your positivity. This will help you achieve your goals more positively, effectively and efficiently.


Mindful Aromatic Blending™ Tips

Here are some guidelines to help you prepare yourself to blend mindfully with your essential oils and botanicals.

  • Wear comfortable clothing, preferably solid colors and no crazy patterns or designs.
  • Deep breathing exercises to connect your head, heart, gut and soul. This will help alleviate any stress, tension and mental chatter.
  • Take note of your surroundings, creating a peaceful atmosphere for all of your senses –
    • Sight – what are you looking at)
    • Hearing – have you removed audio distractions
    • Taste – do not blend on an empty stomach
    • Smell – clear your nose, free of any distinct odors
    • Touch – clean hands, comfortable clothes
  • Gather your tools and ingredients
  • Decide on your blends purpose, goals and desired expectations
  • Connect to your your scentillect™
  • Blending notebook to write down your steps and recipe (so you can duplicate in the future if needed)
  • Stay focused on what you are doing, how you are doing it, and why you are doing it.
  • Label your blend.
  • Use and store in a cool, dark area, protecting it from negativity and EMF interference.


The information shared was created solely by Certified Clinical Phyto-Aromatherapist & Scentpreneur™, Jennifer H. Pressimone. Copyright2018. No portion of this content may be reproduced, shared, or copied without written permission from the author. Any such reproduction in any form would constitute plagiarism.

References: This blog contains excerpts from JennScents Aromaversity Certification Courses.


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