Oregano Essential Oil vs. Oil of Oregano Supplement

May 1, 2017 1 Comment

What is the difference between oregano essential oil and oil of oregano (herbal supplement)? Dilution and potency.

Oregano essential oil has gone through a steam distillation process and is a full concentrate of that procedure.  Oregano contains a phenol called carvacrol with which the potency varies between essential oil and the herbal supplement of Oil of Oregano (many supplement companies use a standardized dilution). Oil of Oregano supplement is emulsified in a fat carrier such as safflower or olive oil, usually an extract, that is either distributed in a soft gel or liquid form. It is not a full concentrate, as it could burn membrane linings, tissues, muscles and organs if taken internally undiluted.

Health Benefits of Oregano

Oregano has many health benefits, regardless of which form you use.  They both offer powerful antifungal, antibacterial, immune-supporting, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties (parasites, lice, fleas, ticks, ringworm). It can strengthen intestinal integrity and help modulate gut bacteria (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27314026). It also helps heat up cold conditions such as a dry cough, stiff or sore muscle and lymphatic stagnation.

Mentally it can help combat confusion, mental fatigue, and self-doubt. Emotionally it helps people who have been abused, in a toxic relationship and overcoming rejection.

Oregano is common in many food dishes as it lends an herby-spice flare.  It was customary for Greeks and Romans to crown young newlyweds with oregano, as a symbol of joyous love. Pliny used to help with spider bites.

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1 Comment

  • Allan says:

    I use oregano oil every day if I can and it works very well at prevention of illness. Also stops a virus in its tracks if you forget to take a few drops during the cold and flu season and do not get sick. I think everyone should have this oil in their home. Since the day I read about oregano oil, I always keep a bottle at home. Oregano Oil has become our family doctor.

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