Your Mind Matters: Turning it Into Your Best Asset

Help My Mind & Brain with aromatherapy and herbs

Our mind is incredibly powerful. It inspires, empowers and encourages us when it is healthy, active and nourished.  We can think clearly, be witty and spontaneous, creative, innovative problem-solving and we feel like we can conquer and accomplish anything. It serves as our best asset as no one else thinks like you. The ideas you dream of, the way you tackle a problem and create a solution, the ambitions, personality and dedication you possess.

However, when it is taxed, stressed, undernourished and abused, it can be our worse enemy. Emotions will be imbalanced, chaotic, explosive and consuming. Our mental health will be sad, depressed, anxious and defeating. Our bodies will feel fatigued, sluggish and heavy. Not the best conditions needed to thrive, or even survive.


3 Tips for Feeding a Healthy Mind

Tip #1: Manage your thoughts.  You have heard the philosophy, healing starts in the mind. It really does.  Your cells, tissues, organs and processes believe everything you tell it, everything you believe, think, feel and say. So you should be telling it something good…everyday! It makes a difference.

Tip #2: Feed your brain. Our brain is composed of mostly of fat and water. It is a muscle that needs to be nourished and exercised, often. Staying hydrating and replenishing daily with sufficient essential fatty acids are crucial for optimum brain health, cognitive functioning, behavioral responses, memory and combating impairments.

Tip # 3: Scent your brain. Smell has been proven to be an imperative sense needed for enhanced brain functions. When our brain is happy and healthy, so is our mind’s ability to adapt, shift, pivot and respond.


3 Tips for Retraining an Unhealthy Mind

Tip #1: Recognize unhealthy behavioral and thought patterns. When push comes to shove, what is your “M.O.” right now?  To react hastily? Or respond with wisdom, certainty and confidence?

Tip #2: Shift your thinking and response when in a “reactive mode”. You do this by stopping yourself in that moment. Take a deep breath, with your shoulders back and chest open so oxygen can get into every cell and organ. Say the word shift, out loud or silent to yourself. Then shift that negative, unhealthy, unproductive, unserving thought into a positive affirmation statement. For example, instead of “I can’t do this”. You would Stop, Breath & Shift, then say, “I can accomplish this task if I really want to”.

Tip #3: Practice and move your brain muscle often with these productive tasks:

  • Learn something new
  • If you accomplish a task the same way each time, come up with a new way to complete that task, or do it backwards (if you can)
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings
  • Engage in a hobby and/or sport
  • Complete brain games
  • Practice recalling memories – recent and old
  • Smell your aromatherapy – camphoraceous, citrus, florals and herb-like scents are best


MindScents For Everyone – An Essential Mind Nourishing Kit For All Occasions

Finding My Mojo Roll-on

10 mL unscented carrier oil
3 drops Lemon essential oil
3 drops Orange essential oil
2 drops Davana essential oil
2 drops Cedar Atlas essential oil
2 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
2 drops Peppermint essential oil

Combine essential oils in the roll-on bottle first.  Then add in the carrier oil. Secure the rollerball and cap, then mix well.  Label.  Use at least three times a day, and anytime you need it – when you are feeling lost, overwhelmed or defeated.


Brain Retrain to Promote Positivity Roll-on

10 mL unscented carrier oil
drops rosemary essential oil
drops black pepper essential oil
drops lavender essential oil
drops yuzu essential oil

Combine essential oils in the roll-on bottle first.  Then add in the carrier oil. Secure the rollerball and cap, then mix well.  Label.  Use at least three times a day, and anytime you need it – when you are learning a new task, enhancing memory, doing brain exercises and overcoming negative thought patterns.


Brain Boosting Herbs!



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