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Aromatic Direction Guide: How to Use Essential Oils for Health

This Aromatic Direction Guide can help you choose essential oils and herbs for particular health challenges. It shows which essential oils are cooling, heating, mucolytic and drying oils.

There are hundreds of essential oils and herbs that provide varying degrees of directional support. For example, some are cooling, heating, drying or mucolytic. How do you know which ones to choose to help with a particular health challenge? This can be an overwhelming task.

Certainly there are lots of DIY recipes people share in social media, but is that the exact recipe YOU need? Creating a custom blend for yourself, or having a trained aromatherapist do this for you, can create more effective and laser-focused results. Everyone is unique. Sometimes, you can use a cookie cutter approach. But in my experience, having a personalized blend bring more well-rounded, comprehensive results, even in areas you didn’t know needed supporting.

For example, if you follow a DIY hot flash recipe such as the one I have created in my Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide, how do you know that this will work for you? Well, I can tell you that it has helped about 75% of my clients. But what about the other 25%? Why didn’t it work?


My first question is always, were you consistent and compliant in using it? If the answer is yes, then I dig deeper.

Next I ask, “what did it not do, that you expected it to do?”  The “golden answer” is in their response. Listen to why it didn’t meet their expectation and usually that leads you to a direct of support that was “missed” in the blend such as it needed to be more heating or cooling.

If they answer that it increased the heat instead of reduced it, then you know the formula needs more “cooling” essential oils added to it, and the “heating oils” removed.

If it helped a little but not a lot, they may have to either increase the frequency or timing of use, and/or you may need to make the formula a little stronger.

If it made them too cool, then decreasing the recipe by 25% – 50% (cut the recipe by 1/4 or 1/2), can be helpful. You may also need to add in 1 heating oil to bring it more balanced.


Aromatic Direction Guide

I have created a special aromatic direction guide to provide you with guidance of knowing which oils to choose for a blend, and how to balance a blend out to achieve the desired result.



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Personalize your blend!

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