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Essential oils are more than a pretty scent

April 8, 2022 Leave your thoughts

Essential oils are more than a pretty scent Essential oils are more than just a pretty scent. They can help you connect to your purpose, passion and authentic self so you feel confident and happy. When you understand their true nature, you can use that to create a beneficial blend that connects your thoughts with your feelings and intuition. You will feel whole, aligned, and grounded. This is the true power of aromatherapy. Scents provoke certain responses within you. It might make you feel relaxed, energized, or balanced. Sometimes you may love a scent, and other times you may not... Read More

Essential Oil Emulsifiers

April 1, 2022 Leave your thoughts

Essential Oil Emulsifiers Essential oils are fat soluble, not water soluble. Emulsifying them in a fat-soluble carrier is needed when you are combining into liquid ingredients. This will help minimize the opportunity for skin irritation and sensitization. When you add essential oils to bath water, notice that the oil drop sits on top of the water. it never emulsifies. Why is this so important? Well, depending on the essential oil you dropped in the water, when you go to sit down in that water, it can cause some major irritation to some sensitive areas (…down there). Think peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon... Read More

When to Use a Spray or Pump Top for Essential Oil Blends

March 24, 2022 Leave your thoughts

Spray or Pump Top for Essential Oil Blends Sprayer top? Or Pump top? That is the questions. The top you use on your aromatherapy products can make all the difference. There is also a safety factor. You want to make sure you match up the right top so the user can get the full benefit of the essential oils and botanical carriers. Some carriers and essential oils are thick, while others are very thin and watery. Use the wrong top and you can have a mess everywhere. You don’t want to make it messy to use, or to stain clothing.... Read More

Why Does One Aromatherapy Method Work Over Another?

JennScents Aromaversity Story: How it all began

March 16, 2022 Leave your thoughts

JennScents Aromaversity Essential Oil Training JennScents Aromaversity essential oil training began in 2002 to help educate others, like you, learn the health benefits of essential oils and herbs. It was started by Jennifer Pressimone, merging her passion to help people with the necessity for authentic aromatic education. In the midst of her healing journey while battling a debilitating health challenge, Jennifer started learning about herbs and aromatherapy.  It was hard to find accurate and truthful information from reputable sources. The internet was not where it is today. Information and education were scarce. Needless to say, she learned and used herself... Read More

Aromatherapy Certification for Nurses

March 8, 2022 Leave your thoughts

Aromatherapy Certification for Nurses Holistic health services a growing segment in hospitals among nurses. More nurses are seeking ways to enhance their own health, holistically. As well as how can they better help their patients with some natural solutions. Want to know something amazing? More general and VA hospitals is providing grants and funds for nurses to get certified in aromatherapy.  I know first-hand because it has been one of the fastest growing population of students at the JennScents Aromaversity. Partly due to VA hospitals grant funding, coupled with their increased interest in starting an aromatherapy program for veterans suffering... Read More

How to help my bowels with aromatherapy

February 28, 2022 Leave your thoughts

How to help my bowels with aromatherapy 60 to 70 million people are said to be affected by digestive diseases. Given our fast-paced with trying to keep up with the times society, I am not surprised. Everyone is experiencing some type of fear, worry, anger and grief. These emotions are tied to specific organs…eliminative organs. They all have a direct link to the health of your bowel. fear is connected & stored in the kidneys worry is connected & stored in the intestines anger is connected & stored in the liver grief is connected & stored in the lungs 63... Read More

Essential Oils to Help with Weight Loss

February 21, 2022 Leave your thoughts

Essential Oils to Help with Weight Loss Many people think that smelling an essential oil or blend a few times a week will help them lose weight. Well, I’ve got some bad news…it doesn’t. It may help calm your stress level, an emotion, or even instigate lymphatic movement. However, without two specific actions, you won’t see much results. Then how does it work? What is the big secret? There’s actually TWO secrets. 1. Rotation AND 2. Consistently Rotating scents and blends that you smell periodically can help keep the lymphatic and circulatory systems moving. When things are moving, they are... Read More

Top 5 Uses of Yarrow Essential Oil & Herb

February 10, 2022 Leave your thoughts

Top 5 Uses of Yarrow Essential Oil & Herb I first learned of yarrow from one of my holistic health mentors, Dr. Kimberly Balas. I had just started my business and was creating essential oil blends all day, every day, 7 days a week. My energy, emotions and mind were all over the place. When Kim came in to see me one day, she picked up on that right away and asked, “Do you ground yourself every day before and after you blend with essentials oils?” I answered, “No. How do I do that?” She taught me about three important... Read More

How does aromatherapy strengthen your mind and body

October 28, 2021 Leave your thoughts

How does aromatherapy strengthen your mind and body? The short answer to how aromatherapy can strengthen your mind and body is that your limbic system LOVES scents – pure scents, not synthetic fragrances. When a scent molecules goes in through the nose, it connects into certain receptor sites that inspire you to feel a certain way. It can relax, rejuvenate, energize or balance you. To elaborate, your body is this astonishing machine. The way it works is so complicated, yet simple. It is like an engine of a car. When you give it the right nutrients (fuel) and oil, it... Read More

Dilution Guidelines Using Essential Oils

Dilution Guidelines Using Essential Oils

October 22, 2021 Leave your thoughts

Dilution Guidelines Using Essential Oils When using essential oils, you also need to consider appropriate dilution ratios and application methods. That is considering all aspects that can be affected by your formulation – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually and environmentally. Here are some easy to questions to ask to help you determine a proper dilution ratio blend. Physically – how will the body respond or react? Mentally – will the blend support balancing thoughts, or stir them up to much causing “action step paralysis”? Emotionally – will the blend help balance emotions or cause them to be more chaotic and... Read More

How JennScents Began: A Legacy in the Making

How JennScents Began: A Legacy in the Making

October 18, 2021 Leave your thoughts

JennScents began in 2002, kind of on accident. I was sick. Met a lady at a local herb shop who kept asking me to come back in and give her an update on my health (and just to say hi). Who knew this random act of kindness would connect on such a deep level that changed the trajectory of my life completely.   JennScents® & the JennScents Aromaversity® I was always somewhat of a need or geek. I loved learning. But more importantly, I loved achieving by knowing the knowledge I learned. I always thought of myself as a learner,... Read More

Essential oils for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (Pots)

October 8, 2021 Leave your thoughts

Essential oils for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (Pots) A common question I am been asked lately is if there are essential oils to help with “POTS”. This is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. According to the Mayo Clinic, this is describes as an “autonomic dysfunction…with symptoms of orthostatic intolerance and excessive postural tachycardia (more than 40 beats a minute) with supine to upright positioning on a tilt table. (source)” Someone having this may experience things like (not a complete list) – dizziness off balance and walking imbalanced extreme fatigue nausea brain fog or confusion abdominal & body pain   When you look... Read More