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Did you know that you literally have a nerve that connects the brain in your head with the brain in your gut? It’s called the Vagus nerve, or 10th cranial nerve and is a part of the enteric nervous system. This is what gives us the phenomena of “butterflies in our stomach” (Dr. Michael Gerson, The Second Brain), and ignites our “gut feeling” and intuition (which can help us in decision making, behaviors, responses and reactions).  The brain in your gut has been said to have more responsibilities than the brain in your head.  Gershon says “the second brain contains millions more neurons, than either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system.”  That is a lot of neuron activity to keep our nervous system intact.


As you can see, we really need to be taking care of our gut not only to digest food better, but to think better, have stronger cognitive functions such as learning and memory recall, and even a stronger immune system. I have found an incredible probiotic that feeds both brains and enhances overall communication between the gut and brain. It’s called ProbioIQ.  And yes, it can improve your IQ, lol. It contains five important strains of probiotics, of what we call “good bacteria” that help enhance every function of the gut and gut brain. In addition, it has Bacopa, one of the leading herbs for brain function, memory, acuity, comprehension and mental stability; Red Reishi Extract, a well-known adaptogenic herb that nourishes both body and mind and serves as a strong immune system booster; and 2 acid resistant soluble fibers to carry other ingredients deep into the GI tract for maximum efficiency.


I have friends who notice a difference with focus, concentration, mental clarity, memory, PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental health imbalances as well as better digestion and immunity. I know there are tons of probiotics out there, but this one is definitely worth trying.


You can purchase here in our online store. Happy gut-brain health!

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