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7 Top Gun Essential Oils to Help You Take Flight & Soar

June 3, 2022 Leave your thoughts

7 Top Gun Essential Oils to Help You Take Flight & Soar  If you need to – quiet the mental chatter and negative thoughts going round and round in your head get clear in your goals and action plan without being stuck in the mud spinning your wheels drum up the courage to do something that scares you be bold, brazen and determined to go after a health, life or business goal …then this is for you!   How to let your dreams take flight so you can shine & soar  Dreaming is easy. Allowing the space and time to... Read More

Top 5 Uses of Yarrow Essential Oil & Herb

February 10, 2022 Leave your thoughts

Top 5 Uses of Yarrow Essential Oil & Herb I first learned of yarrow from one of my holistic health mentors, Dr. Kimberly Balas. I had just started my business and was creating essential oil blends all day, every day, 7 days a week. My energy, emotions and mind were all over the place. When Kim came in to see me one day, she picked up on that right away and asked, “Do you ground yourself every day before and after you blend with essentials oils?” I answered, “No. How do I do that?” She taught me about three important... Read More

Essential oils for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (Pots)

October 8, 2021 Leave your thoughts

Essential oils for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (Pots) A common question I am been asked lately is if there are essential oils to help with “POTS”. This is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. According to the Mayo Clinic, this is describes as an “autonomic dysfunction…with symptoms of orthostatic intolerance and excessive postural tachycardia (more than 40 beats a minute) with supine to upright positioning on a tilt table. (source)” Someone having this may experience things like (not a complete list) – dizziness off balance and walking imbalanced extreme fatigue nausea brain fog or confusion abdominal & body pain   When you look... Read More

Quotes in EatingWell Magazine Fact-Checking

Quotes in EatingWell Magazine Fact-Checking

August 13, 2021 Leave your thoughts

Lavender essential oil, Lavandula angustifolia, is one of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy. It has been used for centuries for a variety of mind and body health purposes. Due to its therapeutic versatility, lavender is a common ingredient in personal care, bath, and body care products. As a staple in many formulations, it also lends a balancing effect for scent coherence when combined with other essential oils. Lavender benefits Lavender is most associated with its relaxing and calming effects to the mind, emotions, and body. It is used to manage skin issues, mood, frustration, and joint support. In... Read More

6 Essential Oils to Calm a Raging Sinus Headache

6 Essential Oils to Calm a Raging Sinus Headache

August 5, 2021 Leave your thoughts

6 Essential Oils to Calm a Raging Sinus Headache Want to know 6 essential oils to calm a raging sinus headache, especially from those who suffer from allergies? I have found that these five in particular, either smelled individually or combined in a blend and diffused, gave great relief.   Sinus Headache Symptoms When the sinuses become inflamed and/or infected, it can cause severe pressure in your head and neck. sinus cavity & nasal pressure sinus congestion with runny nose pressure behind the eyes swollen or puffy eyes ear canal pressure and pain ear and lymph congestion   Nose-Gut Connection... Read More

Essential Oil Dilution Ratio Chart

April 21, 2021 Leave your thoughts

Essential Oil Dilution Ratio Chart  There are 3 vital parts to using essential oils safely in aromatherapy practices.  One, you need to use the right dilution ratio for the person or pet you are blending for. Two, you want to use your aromatherapy blends with the proper frequency. Meaning, do you use it once a day, twice a day, three times a day, etc. Three, using your essential oils with the proper duration. Sometimes a situation calls for a 15 minute session of smelling your essential oils. Other times it may need 20-30 minutes.   Dilution Ratios Dilution ratios are... Read More

Aromatherapy Application Methods

February 16, 2021 Leave your thoughts

You have many options when it comes to aromatherapy application methods. You want to use ones that you feel comfortable with, and are knowledgeable about. If you are copying a DIY recipe, understand the do’s and don’ts before making and using it. Essential oils are wonderful! However, you also need to consider the right carrier and application method that can deliver the best results. Here are the most popular and safe ways to use essential oils and apply them for certain health needs.   Inhalation Aromatherapy Application Methods These types of inhalation methods are good to lift mood, inspire energy,... Read More

Aromatherapy Tool: A Powerful Asset for Health Coaches

February 1, 2021 Leave your thoughts

Aromatherapy Tool for Health Coaches How can integrating aromatherapy into your health coach business, help you help your clients? Understand your client at their core. What are their experiences, what do they love, what feeds their soul? What do they know they need to do that they’re not already doing? What is stopping them from doing it? What would motivate them to do the actions needed to achieve what they want? Why have they not achieved in the past? What experience told them they can’t do it? How old were they when that happened? What were the circumstances surrounding that... Read More

7 Essential Oils for the Lymphatic System

January 10, 2021 Leave your thoughts

Before we get into the 7 essential oils for the lymphatic system, let’s talk about what this system does for you. It is an important body system that assists with carrying in nutrients and carrying out toxic wastes. Essential oils, what I call “CPR for the cells”, can help enhance movement within fluid systems such as lymph, blood, cerebral spinal fluid and urine. Having an ebb and flow of good nutrients coming in while the toxic debris is eliminated is one crucial role of the lymphatic system. When it gets congested, stagnant and clogged up, nutrients cannot get in, and... Read More

What is Cognitive Aromatherapy and Why is it Important?

What is Cognitive Aromatherapy and Why is it Important?

December 31, 2020 Leave your thoughts

What is Cognitive Aromatherapy? Cognitive aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and botanicals for mental and emotional health, optimal brain and neurotransmitter functions. It focuses on bridging gut-brain communications to ignite, transmit and deliver neurotransmissions in an accurate, efficient and effect way. Mental health is an issue that plagues our society today. There are so many culprits, but bottom line, neurotransmitter messages are being affected, and its slowing down cognitive efficiency. These deficits can cause some people to have paralyzing fear, debilitating anxiety and overwhelming depression. Cognitive aromatherapy seeks to empower, inspire and motivate mental and emotional movement. It... Read More

JennScents Holiday Shopping Guide 2020

November 17, 2020 Leave your thoughts

2020 is more important than ever to send your loved ones some thing special, filled with love & comfort. The process is simple…you order, we ship. Our unique aromatherapy gift boxes ship directly to your loved one for FREE, with a personalized gift message from you. If you can’t give a hug in person, here is the next best thing…a virtual hug. Scents create memories that last a lifetime™.   For someone who has experienced loss Scent memories to honor a life & legacy™ Aromatic Honoring a Legacy Gift Box For someone who is grieving When you can’t find the... Read More

Aromatherapy Roots: Getting to know Rene-Maurice Gattefosse

Aromatherapy Roots: Getting to know Rene-Maurice Gattefosse

October 7, 2020 Leave your thoughts

Interesting story about Rene-Maurice Gattefosse…many who have studied aromatherapy, have heard his name as a leading pioneer in forging the path in aromatherapy. As the legend goes, it has been said that he burned his hand and stuck it in a vath of lavender oil to heal it. Well, that is not actually true. The Lavender Legend I first learned about that legend when I started studying aromatherapy almost 20 years ago. I recently attended an aromatherapy conference and heard Gattefosse’s granddaughter and great-granddaughter share his life’s legacy. Turns out, on 7/25/1910, he actually was working in his lab (as... Read More