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Harvest Time Reflection

October 12, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Harvest Time Reflection Fall is a great time to reflect, ponder and assess your accomplishments thus far in the year, that you earned from a seed you planted in the winter and spring. How have you been fulfilled? What blessings do you have to be thankful for? What can you do this harvest to satisfy the remainder of your year’s goals? Taking an inventory of accomplishments is important, especially in today’s world, so we can see the fruits of our hard labor. We feel we are on the go all of the time and get caught up in the hustle... Read More


The Power of Helichrysum For Emotional Healing

January 19, 2016

Helichyrsum is a very special plant and essential oil.  It is one of my absolute favorites for emotional healing. It helps us combat deep emotional scars, battle wounds, traumas, PTSD and adversity.  It inspires courage, willpower and strength to persevere and conquer anger, fear and resentment. Not only does it help with emotional scars, but physical scars as well.  You can diffuse a couple drops during the day, or when you are journaling about your emotional issues, to help you connect on a deeper level, really reaching the depths of that trauma so you can own it then release it. Helichrysum... Read More