Client Forms

Once you have purchased your consultation, please complete the appropriate Client Intake Form and email back to us at at least 3 business days prior to your appointment. If your consultation includes a DermaGRID Scan, please complete this questionnaire as well.


Complete forms and email to at least 72 hours prior to your consultation appointment. All information shared is kept confidential and not shared with any third party. If you have any questions when you are completing the forms, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

New & Existing Client Intake Form: For all Consultations (except SPE Clients)

SPE Client Intake Form: For Emotional Health Spiritual PhytoEssencing Consult and Animal Imagery Chakra Blending Sessions

Flower Essence Emotions Assessment: Form Emotional Healing and Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Consultations

Choosing Chinese Herbs Brochure: For all consultations if you want to add in Chinese Herbal Remedies