Advanced Holistic Aromatherapy Blending Techniques

Level 2 , Course 6  •  32 Hour Course  •  $299.00
Instructors: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone (USA & International)
Aromatherapy blending techniques course

This Level 2 online aromatherapy course is designed to help you effectively, accurately and confidently practice and develop your blending and formulation skills. Learn about various blending technique and styles, when to use certain blending techniques to achieve specific goals, how to integrate several techniques and why, as well as lots of blending exercises to put your skills into action. Practice! Practice! Practice! Includes e-workbook, course work, case studies and a certificate of achievement. CEU credits available for Licensed Massage Therapists. NAHA Level II approved, NCBTMB Certified. *Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy and Advanced Holistic Aromatherapy are prerequisites for all Level 2 courses and those seeking Level 1 and 2 certification. Visit for more details and to register for an account. You have the option to purchase additional Course Materials that include single essential oils and carriers discussed within this course.

All of the course material was researched, compiled, written and edited by Jennifer Hochell Pressimone. Material was first introduced in 2016 with annual edits that include updated industry information to provide the most current and up-to-date education of current practices with a connection to the aromatherapy history and foundation established by our aromatherapy ancestors. The course content shared is a compilation of the education, research and personal experience of Jennifer.  She is a gifted teacher and is honored you have chosen to study with her. She not only provides great mentorship, but also intuitive insight for personal and professional health, wellness and growth.

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Aromatherapy Course Materials

You have the option to purchase an additional Course Materials Package that offers the essential oils and carriers discussed within this course at

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