Level II – Phyto-Aromatherapy for Business & Personal Development (Course 9)

This course is a 50 hour course. Price $350.00
Instructors: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone (USA & International)
aromatherapy business building

This course offers valuable information about starting an aromatherapy business as well as operating and managing the business year after year. It will also help guide you personally, as your health is a business…a business of taking care of yourself. So, whether you are looking to create a professional business of helping others with aromatherapy, or helping yourself with personal growth and enrichment, this course is for you. You’ll gain essential tools, tips, ideas and strategies for establishing your business including a financial and business plan, licensing, marketing and advertising, operational procedures and more. Entrepreneur and Aromatherapist Jennifer Pressimone, shares her business secrets of success. Includes instructional hours, “lab” hours and certificate of achievement. You have the option to purchase an additional Course Material Packages such as essential oils, carriers and accessories discussed within this course.

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Course Materials

You have the option to purchase an additional Course Materials Package that offers the essential oils and carriers discussed within this course.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Lesson 1a: Course Introduction to Aromatherapy Business & Personal Development


Lesson 1b: Introduction to an Aromatherapy Business


Lesson 2: Getting Started


Lesson 3: Aromatherapy Custom Blending Bar Set-up


Lesson 4: Financial Information


Lesson 5: Marketing Strategies


Lesson 6: Mobile Events - Aroma Spa Parties


Lesson 7: Consultations


Lesson 8: Advertising Tips


Lesson 9: Aromatherapy Training


Lesson 10: References, Resources & Bibliography


Lesson 11: Personal & Business Development Course Assignments