Level I – Body System Anatomy & Physiology 101 (Course 2)

This course is a 20 hour course. Price $250

This Body System Physiology course is a part of level I Aromatherapy Certification.  It focuses on providing you with in-depth knowledge about each body system function, common ailments within each system and how they are inter-connected. We will discuss how aromatherapy plays apart in each of the body systems including the limbic system, olfaction process, methods of absorption, and contraindications.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Body System Physiology

Lesson 2: Elimination Systems Overview

Lesson 3: Digestive System

Lesson 4: Intestinal System

Lesson 5: Immune System

Lesson 6: Lymphatic System

Lesson 7: Respiratory System

Lesson 8: Circulatory System

Lesson 9: Limbic System, Olfaction, Brain Health

Lesson 10: Glandular System

Lesson 11: Hepatic System

Lesson 12: Nervous System

Lesson 13: Urinary System, Skin Health & pH Balance

Lesson 14: Muscular-Skeletal (Structural) System

Lesson 15: Weight Management


Disclaimer: Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. It is recommended that you consult a professional healthcare provider before beginning any herbal program.

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