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About the Process

We capture YOU in a bottle!

Custom blends provide personalized approach to help you achieve mind and body balance. It supports, strengthens & nourishes your mind, emotions, and physical needs, simultaneously.

When you match up the right “team” of essential oils in a custom blend, they help balance your imbalances, while strengthening what is already in balance & working for you. This two-prong approach is what helps you reconnect to your heart so you can lead your life with clarity and confidence.

Essential oils are special extracts from plants that love all of you, without judgement. They just want you to feel whole. Clinical Aromatherapist, Jennifer Pressimone, is a gifted mind, body & soul formulator. Her 20 plus years of experience, wisdom and compassion creates a blend masterpiece customized just for you. The more you tell her, the deeper the connection you will have to your blend.

Step 1: Tell us about yourself

Complete questionnaire

Step 2: Pick your Application Method & Checkout

Step 3: Your Custom Blend is Created

Time for Jennifer to get to work. She will formulate, blend & mail your customized blend to you bringing you mind-body balance.

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