Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing Spiritual PhytoEssencing Session

$385 (90 minutes)
A private one-on-one, spiritual phytoessencing aromatherapy session with Holistic Aromatherapist, Spiritual PhytoEssencing Teacher Diplomat, Herbalist, Author and International Educator Jennifer Hochell Pressimone. Gain insight and understanding on the deep emotional imbalances that could be affecting your health. Spiritual PhytoEssencing (SPE) is a system intended to encourage deep, soul-level healing employing a combination of 100% pure essential oils. It is based upon a synthesis of certain aspects of aromatherapy, physiology, classical homeopathy, anthroposophical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and folklore, depth psychology, color therapy, gemstone healing, numerology and other modalities. The goal in Spiritual PhytoEssencing is to identify the pattern of deep psycho-spiritual themes, creating disharmony within us and formulate a combination of essential oils that mirror these themes, to facilitate support, remedy and balance. This is where true self-healing can proceed.

Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Custom Blend Session

$95 (30 minute consult & custom blend)
Custom blends created especially for you, to meet any physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual needs. Make an appointment with Holistic Aromatherapist, Jennifer Pressimone, T.SPE for an aromatherapy session. Each session includes a Custom Blend Intake Form and phone discussion about various essential oils and flower essences that meet your specific needs. Jennifer will them formulate and create your very own Aromatherapy-Flower Essence Custom Blend. This is a great tool to help you manage stress, address emotional imbalances or body system concerns, and simply just have a special blend that makes you feel good all over! Scents not only make you smell good, they make you feel great as well. These custom blends can help adjust, shift and manage a variety of emotional and mental concerns such as anger, grief and fear. Click here to read more about it. Order your blend today and get emotionally balanced.

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Animal Imagery Chakra Blending Session

$185 (75 minutes)
Holistic Aromatherapist, Jennifer Pressimone, will take you on a journey of personal assessment and acknowledgement to bring you into the present moment, with greater awareness of who you are, what motivates you, what challenges you, what holds you back and how to move forward. Using a special guided imagery techniques develop by Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, NMD, MH, HMC, Jennifer will be able to create you a customized and personalized aromatherapy blend to match your soul’s successes and struggles at that given time. It will help inspire your mind, body, spirit and soul to work in harmony, together, to bring you greater vitality, confidence, courage, inspiration and empowerment to be your best, authentic self.  Great for overall mind-body health, and to help you work through specific situations in life that are holding you back from letting go of past hurts, conquer a fear, release grief and grief, calm anger and rage, promote joy and manage an influx of other emotions.

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