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Essential Oil Dilution Ratio Chart

Essential Oil Dilution Ratio Chart 

There are 3 vital parts to using essential oils safely in aromatherapy practices.  One, you need to use the right dilution ratio for the person or pet you are blending for.

Two, you want to use your aromatherapy blends with the proper frequency. Meaning, do you use it once a day, twice a day, three times a day, etc.

Three, using your essential oils with the proper duration. Sometimes a situation calls for a 15 minute session of smelling your essential oils. Other times it may need 20-30 minutes.


Dilution Ratios

Dilution ratios are used to help you aromatherapy safely.  Certain amounts of essential oils are needed in a blend mixed with a carrier to deliver specific results. However, you have to be mindful of the persons age, severity of health conditions, sensitivities, allergies, skin integrity and mental capacity.

Children, elderly and those with sensitivities require a small dilution ratio, as too much can aggravate membranes and their overall response.  I compare using small amounts to using a shovel versus a bulldozer.

Most adults with good health can tolerate a 2-6% dilution ration. However, essential oils should be diluted in carrier to avoid skin sensitization, irritation and overburden on the liver and kidneys.

Dilution ratios for physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual adn environmental sensitivities.


Aromatherapy Duration

Using essential oils periodically, for a predetermined amount of time can prove beneficial in delivering results. For example –

  • 5-10 minutes of smelling or diffusing an essential oil or essential oil blend is enough to inspire and generate physiological, psychological, biochemical and energetic shifts in the body. We see this through our nervous system messaging system. You can also gauge those results by how you feel after you smell an oil.  One whiff can be all you need.
  • 10-15 minute session engages the olfactory processes and limbic system to create movements and more significant shifts, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. It is a great place to start when beginning aromatherapy or if you will be using it numerous ties during the day.
  • 15-30 minute sessions help with more serious mind and body health needs, requiring an even greater shift and sustained support.
  • 30-60 minutes are beneficial when you are diffusing throughout the whole house or workplace using a small dilution ratio.


Aromatherapy Frequency

  • Once a daily: maintenance or a jolt of energy or relaxation
  • Twice daily: helpful when you are trying to create a habit such as calming nerves, managing worry, curbing appetite
  • Three times a day: when you are trying to balance an imbalance such as allergies, asthma (short durations), skin issues
  • Four to Six times a day: To provide situational support for an immediate health need such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc.


Essential Oil Dilution Ratio Assessment

How do you properly assess which dilution ratio to use for certain situations? I have included my latest dilution ratio chart as a guide. This is based on my education, wisdom, experience, science, chemistry, and research. Technically, 1 drop of an essential oil in 2 ounces of a carrier would be enough to elicit a response, measured by a biochemical test such as a blood test or blood pressure test. Becuase our current society has been immersed in a cloud of scent “fumes”, many people think more is better. That is not the case when you use 100% pure essential oils.


Watch Jennifer, lead instructor at the JennScents Aromaversity, share how to choose the right carrier for a variety of people from kids to adults to seniors.


Essential Oil Dilution Ratio Chart


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