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Essential Oil Personalities

Essential Oil Personalities

When I work with essential oils, I see them like people. They have individual personalities and when combined with other essential oils to make a “team”, they have a much greater dynamic and synergy. One oil can bring out the best qualities of another oil. It can also overshadow another oil if not properly balanced in the formulation. That’s what knowing their essence & personality, along with their scent potency & safety can guide you in creating aromatherapy masterpieces that true create a quality impact.

Some essential oils help you relax and calm mental chatter & anxiety, like chamomile & lavender.

Some help you get out of your shell and be more extroverted, like mints & basil.

Some help you go inward to discover the real you and makes you truly happy, like davana & palo santo.


When you see, feel & experience the beauty in what essential oils can help you achieve on a physical, mental & emotional level, you gain a better understanding of how they help you help others more deeply. Your blend can be the spark and catalyst needed to motivate shifts and movement in the right, healthy direction.

As a Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner & Educator, I still get giddy every time I see a client or student experience a true connection with scent. It is even more rewarding when they create a blend that transforms the life of a family member, friend, client, or patient. Together, we are paying forward the gift of hope and health.


Essential Oil Personality Types

There are 6 main essential oil personality types. Think of a flower with 5 petals and a center. You have –

  • Bold & Outgoing
  • Shy & Quiet
  • Nurturers & Givers
  • Comforters & Empathetic
  • Movers & Shakers


Bold & Outgoing Essential Oils


Shy & Quiet Essential Oils


Nurturers & Givers Essential Oils


Comforters & Empathetic Essential Oils


Movers & Shakers Essential Oils


Rooted & Anchored


The premise of essential oil personalities is the inspiration for my certification course (also an on-demand continuing education masterclass), Phyto-Aromatherapy for Mind Body Health, at the JennScents Aromaversity. We explore the depts of many oils, their personality traits, benefits, and how to use them strategically in a custom blend to provoke positive, life-changing results.

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Personalize your blend!

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