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Aromatherapy Meets Innovation to Provide a Scentperience™ with Scenterpretation™

JennScents® is a top leader in the aromatic industry bringing high caliber education and scentillect combined with a unique, aromatherapy experience that connects the mind and body simultaneously to bring balance, harmony and rejuvenation. Give your employees, vendors and event attendees an event to remember with a JennScents Aromatherapy Olfactory Experience.

We are the best at what we do. Jennifer Pressimone, owner and master formulator, has a great stage presence and really knows how to connect with the audience to draw them in and keep their attention. She handles any challenges that may pop-up with ease and grace. Jennifer has served as emcee and guest speaker for many events and conventions, all over the world. And she rocked it! She’s got a great persona, very knowledgeable, experienced, professional, captivating and connecting.


Corporate Events

JennScents® provides a unique, nurturing yet fun aromatherapy olfactory experience for your staff, vendors, customers and convention attendees. We set up a our Mobile Custom Aromatherapy Blending Station at corporate events, health & wellness expos and lunch n’ learn seminars where attendees can indulge in having a customized aromatherapy product made just for them. The process is fun and simple while making the person feel special, important and present during the experience. Everyone needs some personal attention to help them with mental and emotional issues, concentration, productivity, immune boosting and just to feel good. JennScents provides that personal touch to enhance mind-body health in an interactive and meaningful way. Enhance experience. Inspire performance. Make a difference.  

We are also available to be a guest speaker on topics such as healthy living, mind-body wellness, workplace productivity and motivational speaking for personal and professional growth. Want to book us for your next event? Contact us for a quote.

Corporate Event Options:

  • Aromatherapy DIY Workshop: An interactive experience for all attendees to engage their senses, enhance their mood and overall well-being. The workshop includes an aromatherapy presentation by an experienced and Certified Professional Aromatherapist. Guests are guided through a DIY exercise to make-up their very own aromatherapy blend to cater to their particular needs. Presentations are customized to match your theme and overall event goals such as team building, enhanced mental health, stress relief and healthy living. This can be integrated into a corporate event, lunch-n-learn, conference, convention, seminar or specialty party.
  • Aromatherapy Custom Blending Bar: A memorable and personalized experienced, individualized per guest to remind them how special they are. Scents coupled with an experience have been proven to enhance memory and positive feelings. Make an experience that people will remember forever and associate with you. Clients will engage in an interactive, hands-on experience, smelling a variety of 100% pure essential oils through a process we developed called Olfactory Sensory Testing®. They will choose which scents they like best, and our trained and Certified Professional Aromatherapist will make up their special blend, right there in front them, that they can leave with. If time allows, the aromatherapist will share scenterpretation about their blend, explaining the meaning behind the scent’s they chose.  People might not remember certain details of a conference or event, but they will always remember how you made them feel…important and appreciated.

Special Occasions

JennScents® can bring an Aromatherapy and Holistic Health Experience to you and your guests. Make your event memorable and meaningful. We can share an aromatherapy presentation about the benefits of essential oils pertaining to a specific topic, such as stress, love and emotions. Or we can design a DIY workshop to engage your guests in creating their very own aromatherapy bath and body product to take with them, or donate to the host or a charity.  We share tips about using 100% pure essential oils safely and effectively to make your house smell nice and enhance your overall health – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Great entertainment for bridal or baby showers, a housewarming party, birthday party, Teacher or Nurse Appreciation party, health expo, wellness conference or any special occasion.  It will definitely be an event to remember! Minimum 10 people. Contact us for more information.


Choose A Theme

Customize your event or special occasion with a multitude of topics. Let us share tips to help you unwind and de-stress from the work-week’s hectic schedule. Learn relevant information in a fun and interactive setting with family, friends, staff and fellow colleagues about various scents to relax the body, rejuvenate the mind, calm emotions and increase productivity.

  • Custom Mobile Blending Bar
    • Aromatic Spray, Lotion, Massage Oil, Bath Salt, Rollon
  • Aromatherapy DIY Workshop
    • Aromatherapy Custom Blending Techniques
    • Healthy Perfume Making Workshop
  • Aromatherapy Presentation (can also be a DIY workshop)
    • Aromatherapy for Everyday Life
    • Aromatherapy for Mental Health: Stress, Anxiety & Depression
    • Aromatherapy for Brain Health
    • Aromatherapy for Emotional Well-Being
    • Natural Remedies for Intestinal health: IBS, Crohn’s & Colitis
    • Aromatherapy for Pets
    • Aromatherapy for Women & Men Health


JennScents Aromatherapy Olfactory Experience Key Benefits: Making Scent Memories

  • Scents coupled with an experience have been proven to enhance memory and positive feelings. Make an experience that people will remember forever and associate with your event.
  • Clients will engage in this interactive, hands-on experience of smelling various 100% pure essential oils through a process we developed called Olfactory Sensory Testing®
  • Personalized custom aromatherapy creations made especially for the person, making them feel special and nurtured
  • Positive, fun and memorable experience as they gain insight to various scent meanings and how it can help bring their mind and body into balance
  • New, innovative, first of its kind aromatherapy entertainment. Set yourself apart from your competition.
  • The hot new trend everyone is looking for


Aromatherapy Olfactory Experience for Nursing & Medical Events or Conferences

There is no doubt that smells make us feel good. They have been scientifically shown to sharpen our mental acuity1, performance2, balance emotions3 and improve sleep4. In addition to feeling good, more evidenced-based research proving its efficacy for a plethora of health concerns are conducted and published every day. We are seeing more integration of holistic health modalities, such as aromatherapy, intertwined with medical practices5 from nurses6 to doctors and surgeons within general practice, specialty disciplines7, pediatrics8, geriatrics and in palliative care9. Education will continue to be a vital key in bridging the gap to developing integrative skills and confidence. What better way to educate than through coupling olfactory demonstration and hands-on experience for personal and professional needs? This can build a nurses confidence, skillset, experience and job performance. We strive to provide a unique, fun and informative workshop, customized for nurses by a highly trained Clinical Phyto-Aromatherapist, that is a blend of experience, science and personality in a multimodal environment. A significant nurturing experience for nurturers.

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