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Aromatherapy Gift Boxes by JennScents®. When you can’t give a live hug, this is the next best thing. Every box is shipped to your loved one for free & packaged with a personalized message from you.

If you’re looking for a personalized, meaningful & handmade gift made with filled with love & a virtual hug, shipped directly to your loved one, we have something special for you!

Personalized Touch

Give an aromatherapy gift box to provide a special, meaningful, unique gift, personalized for your loved ones. A heartfelt & memorable gift can say what words cannot express. Each box includes a special combination of essential oils that offer comfort, connection and love with connecting and supportive scents. Let your gift be an unforgettable treasure that becomes a tradition.

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Meet Your Formulator

Clinical Aromatherapist & Herbalist, Jennifer Pressimone knows what it is like to search endlessly for that perfect gift. Something that delivers special meaning with a personalized touch so the recipient knows how much you care. There is no greater feeling that knowing when your loved one opens your gift, they instantly feel loved, nurtured and appreciated.  Having more valuable time to spend with family rather than shopping forever online is so much more important. Because she wanted to fill that need for herself, family, friends, and now you, she created these very special and unique gift boxes that save you stress while having a major impact to your loved one.

Jennifer found her love of aromatherapy more than 25 years ago after battling a health challenge. She knows firsthand the importance of someone in need receiving that “perfect” gift to make them feel better…physically, mentally & emotionally. She has paid forward her gifts and talents of blending healthful aromatherapy blends with thousands of clients worldwide. She is an educator, author, motivational speaker, formulator & entrepreneur. Her passion is helping people gain health to make their heart smile.

Gift Boxes

Stress Relief Aromatherapy Gift Box

Everyone can use some stress relief in their life. This special aromatherapy gift set can help manage stress for those on the go, busy parents, teachers, caregivers, students, co-workers, and anyone you know.

Includes: Stress Relief Spray, Stress Away Roll-on, Bath Salt

Caregiver Aromatherapy Gift Set

Everyone needs loving, kind and restorative self-care, especially caregivers!

Includes: Courage Roll-on, Stress Relief Spray, “Just Breathe” atomizer, Relaxing hand and body lotion, Rejuvenating hand scrub

Aromatic Honoring Gift Box

Creating scent memories that honor a legacy™

Includes: Honoring salts, Aromatic Honoring spray, Aromatic honoring roll-on

Top 10 Essential Oils Set

This makes blending and creating recipe simple, convenient and fun, because we’ve taken the guesswork out of what you need.

Includes: Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint and Rosemary

Grief Relief Support Box

It’s hard to find the words to send your condolences when a loved one is grieving but its even harder to find something to send to help them through this hard time.  Something that can bring comfort, strength and love to show how much you care.

Includes: Grief Relief Spray, Distress Remedy Flower Essence, Comfort Compass Roll-on

Radiation Burn Salve & Spray Gift Box

Bring relief and comfort to those going through a tough time.

Includes: Radiation Burn Relief Spray, Radiation Burn Relieve Salve

Inspiring Hope Gift Box

An Inspiring Hope gift box is a great gift when someone you know needs a little sunshine and direction to inspire hope, courage, comfort & contentment.

Includes: 4 Aromatherapy roll-ons: Courage, Contentment, Comfort and Confidence

Christmas Aromatherapy Gift Box

This gift box is sure to help you feel immersed in the Christmas spirit and help to self nourish.

Includes: Christmas tree lot Bath Salt, Christmas tree lot Body & Room Spray & Christmas tree lot Roll-on

You can also create your own custom gift box!

Create Your Own Gift Box

Create Your Own Gift Basket to create a special and unique gift for someone special.

Includes: Pick 3 of your choice – Bath Salt, Lotion, Spray and/or Nasal Atomizer

Looking for more gift ideas?

There are many ways to use essential oils every day. From gift baskets to essential oil starter kits, we have a variety of gift ideas ready for giving. From babies and new mothers to friends and co-workers, our aromatherapy gift ideas will make everyone happy.

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When there are no words…there are scents.

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Personalize your blend!

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