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Ginger Junction – A digestive must-have

Ginger to the Rescue

Thanksgiving time is upon us. We will all be overeating, indulging in treats and in need of some serious digestive support. I bet every table will have some form of ginger root on it. Most people are familiar with ginger candy and herbal tea. However, the essential oil is somewhat under utilized. Adding ginger essential oil with roman chamomile and peppermint (in equal parts) can be the trifecta of “Thanksgiving Overindulgence”.  Make up in a roll-on or spray, and place them on the dinner table with instructions of use on the label. You will be everyone’s best friend during the holiday.

Historical Uses 

Zingiber officinale, has many historical references from the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine. This underground rhizome can grow up to four feet tall. It is strong, has a knotted, branch-like appearance and blade-like glossy leaves. This plant signature gives us insight into the strength and complexity of the “ginger personality”.  Someone with a complex personality, thought process or problem solving system, may benefit from smelling this spice. It has light pink flowers, significant for the heart and love. Or yellow flowers which are inviting, welcoming and healing.


Ginger is most commonly known for its digestive aid, antispasmodic, fever-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it is anti-parasitic, which is why it is included when you get sushi. In addition to helping with digestion, it is a powerful pain reliever, calming arthritic and muscle pain, headaches and PMS cramping. Almost synonymous with nausea, it calms bloating, gas and bellyaches. Emotionally, ginger helps during times of broken heartedness. For this, I like to combine with some flower essential oils such as geranium, ylang ylang and rose. Since it is so nurturing, it is beneficial for guilt, grief, despair, loneliness and setting boundaries for people not to take advantage of you. Mentally, it can help you adapt to various situations and changes (along with lime and spearmint). I use it to enhance willpower, stimulate the mind, combat fatigue and sharpen the senses.

One of my favorite salt scrubs is a combination of lime, ginger and sweet basil. It smells so good and offers a plethora of benefits. You can use it as a body scrub, foot scrub, shower gel or body wash.


Ginger, Lime & Basil Body Scrub

8 oz. Epsom or Sea Salt (Use an unscented soap concentrate such as castile soap for a body wash)
2T Almond, Apricot or Coconut Oil (leave out for a bath soak)
10 drops Ginger Essential Oil
8 drops Lime Essential Oil
7 drops Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Mix the Carrier Oil with the essential oils.  Then add that combination to the Epsom or sea salt.  Stir well until completely mixed. Take a handful and gently massage it on your skin, using small circular motions towards your heart. This helps increase circulation and lymphatic movement. You can also add this to your bath water. A little tip if you add to your bath water…add in 1-2 Tablespoons of castile soap or soap concentrate to avoid the massage oil from leaving a ring around your tub. *cut this recipe in 1/2 or 1/3 for a child, or someone with skin and health sensitivities.


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