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Grapefruit Essential Oil Benefits: A Mover & Shaker Oil

Ah, the smell of grapefruit is refreshing and uplifting.  One of my all-time favorite aromatherapy combinations is grapefruit mixed with peppermint essential oil.  It smells like cotton candy to me (minus the heavy sugary scent). It reminds me of run, refuels my spirit and invigorates my soul. Grapefruit has a distinct flavor to it, which gives you an early indicator that it is unique, bitter and firm in its aroma, yet sweet and rejuvenating.

Grapefruit, being a citrus oil, is most notes as being a mood elevator. However, it does so much more for the body. It is a key player in the lymphatic and glandular systems, specializing in movement of fluids.  As an antiseptic and diuretic, grapefruit essential oil, mixed in a carrier oil can provide movement for the lymphatic fluid just beneath the skin, alleviate urinary issues (inhaled and applied topically to the kidney regions), and skin issues, such as cellulite where toxins get trapped in pockets, causing that dimply appearance.


Citrus paradisi Plant Signatures

Grapefruit is pink in color, lending its first clue. the color pink is typically correlated with love, harmony, tender and sweetness. It facilitates harmony and a sweet persona, especially in those who have a hard or cold heart. The Grapefruit tree prefers warmth and sun, indicating it helps with cold ailments.  Have you ever heard someone say, I feel my best when I am in the sun? Or I feel worse when I am cold?  This is a sign that grapefruit essential oil might be a good addition to their custom blend. Another plant trait is that the tree requires adequate water with good drainage.  Thus, this person needs constant, regular hydration, without being in a swamp. These all are key characteristics to listen for when talking with clients or customers.


Grapefruit Scentillect™

Translating client intake details into a custom blend requires skill and knowledge. This is called scentillect. How do you know when to add grapefruit to the essential oil team of a blend? You can conduct Olfactory Sensory Testing®. This is the process of having a client smell a variety of essential oils and rate them based on likes and dislikes. If someone is attracted to grapefruit, this gives me an idea that they are open and ready to receive support to help them move through a situation. If they do not like it, this tells me they are not open and ready to move past a situation.  Whether they feel stuck, trapped by circumstances or too depressed, grapefruit can lend support to shift mood and will power.


Peppermint-Grapefruit Bath Salt Recipe

Add to bath water and mix well before immersing yourself into your aromatic bath.  You can also use the salts as a skin scrub, helping to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells to promote a youthful glow.

  1. 8 ounces Epsom or Sea Salt
  2. 8 drops GrapefruitCitrus paradisi
  3. 8 drops Peppermint, Mentha x piperita
  4. (optional) 3 drops Silver Fir, Abies alba



Safety precautions:

Cold-expressed grapefruit essential oil is phototoxic (photosensitive). This is the most common used in aromatherapy.  Steam distilled grapefruit essential oil is not phototoxic, due to the chemical constituents produced during distillation.  Also, steam distilled is contraindicated with ingestion uses with those taking statins.




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Disclaimers: Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prescribe. It is recommended that if serious health issues exist, you consult a licensed medical provider. JennScents does not assume liability or responsibility for the use and/or misuse of this information.


References: This blog contains excerpts from JennScents Aromaversity Certification Courses and the JennScents Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide.

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