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Jennifer Pressimone

Jennifer Pressimone is a Holistic Health, Aromatherapy & Motivational Speaker. She is dedicated to empowering others achieve health greatness through creating healthy alternatives for themselves, their family, friends, patients and clients. She shares words with meaning, heart and inspiration.

After overcoming her own personal health battle with Crohn’s, Colitis, and IBS, she was led to share her challenges, successes & strategies to help others transform their health into vital and functional quality of life. Through her health journey, she learned many health modalities and natural health remedies to conquer the culprits of health demise – body system function balance, toxic overload (physical, mental & emotional), immune resilience & nutrient absorption. She strives for mind-body-gut-soul harmony.

Jennifer is a gifted presenter who shares from her heart. She is compassionate and passionate as she educates others with her knowledge, experience and wisdom through educational classes, private coaching and guest speaking. She knows how to connect with an audience & deliver an artistically crafted presentation (“mindset art”) that inspires, motivates and encourages you. Popular topics include “Creating a Healthy Life”, “Don’t Let the Illness Label Defeat You”, “Aromatherapy Holistically” and “Aromatherapy Custom Blending for Personal or Professional Growth”.

She is also available to educate (and entertain) you and your attendees integrate natural health options into your life, health and business so you can achieve optimal success.

Jennifer has been a guest speaker at hundreds of wellness conferences, business functions, seminars, lunch n’ learns, hobby groups and support groups. Attendees leave feeling inspired, empowered and loved.

Ready to book Jennifer for your next event? Please contact us to see how Jennifer can make your event meaningful & memorable. She looks forward to talking with you to help you achieve your natural health event goals.

Jennifer’s credentials:

  • Clinical Aromatherapy & Herbal Educator with 20+ years of experience
  • Holistic health & motivation speaker at hundreds of events for thousands of attendees including large expos, conventions, conferences, seminars & corporate lunch n’ learns
  • Small & large corporation lectures & workshops
  • Certified Teacher in Spiritual Phyto-Essencing with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky
  • Certified Natural Health Consultant (CNHC)
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Vice President of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy

Popular Topics:

  • Aromatherapy 101: Improve Mind & Body Health
  • Aromatherapy to Enhance Brain Power & Productivity
  • Mindset Empowerment: Aromatherapy & Affirmations to help you Align & Shine
  • Aromatherapy for Mindset, Mood & Motivation: Personal Development & Professional Growth
  • Dream, Direct & Drive: Be a Leader in Life, Health & Business
  • Tragedy to Triumph: Resilience in Overcoming Illness

Jennifer in Action

Hear Jennifer speak about Mindset & Motivation at a Mastermind Group!

See Jennifer in action as a presenter at the World of Aromatherapy Conference 2018

Jennifer Speaking for Biotone’s Educa-Talk Series on Aromatherapy for Hormones, Adrenal & Thyroid Support,
and Aromatherapy for Stress & Energy

“I have heard Jennifer speak numerous times at medical conferences, as well as in more casual settings.  She is extremely knowledgeable in aromatherapy, essential oils, the human body, and holistic health. Her presentations (which are interactive) are geared to the audience to which she is presenting. She is compassionate and very willing to help others in so many ways. Her knowledge and past experience, along with her helpful, positive spirit, will contribute to anyone’s well-being.  You will ALWAYS learn something from Jennifer’s presentations!”  – Gail, FL

“Jennifer was a pleasure to work with!  She was so responsive and answered all of our questions quickly and efficiently. Our members absolutely loved the Aromatherapy 101 session that Jennifer hosted for us. The presentation was so informative, and she had so many wonderful facts to share with our members about essential oils and how to use them. The kits she provided were spectacular. The oils themselves were very high quality and the way they were put together was perfect. So thankful we worked with Jennifer on our Aromatherapy 101 Workshop” – Lauren Joseph, Shift Beyond Work 

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NCBTMB certified

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