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Jennifer Pressimone

Inspiration to encourage the superhero within you.

Jennifer Pressimone is CEO, clinical aromatherapy educator, product formulator and motivational speaker at JennScents, Inc. and JennScents Aromaversity, empowering health and wellness professionals through mentored training programs so they can elevate their impact and client services using holistic solutions.

Jennifer was faced with a life-threatening health condition in her late 20’s, and had to overcome failing organs, exhausted mindset, and defeating emotions. After discovering and experiencing the power of holistic remedies and aromatherapy, she realized many months later this was saving her life, literally. Since then, she has dedicated her mission to helping others navigate and conquer rough health challenges costing them mental clarity, quality of life, joy, and precious time with family. Having people watch her journey of regaining her health, they turned to her for help and JennScents was born. Jennifer makes holistic products delivering personalized physical and psychological relief, as well as teaching other health and wellness professionals to do the same for their clients and patients.

Jennifer has over two decades of experience working with health and wellness professionals who want to elevate their client services with holistic solutions. By addressing the mental and emotional connection related to health challenges, Jennifer teaches others how to create personalized aromatic blends and holistic plans allowing clients to finally feel energized and motivated to live their best life. She has authored several books, including the JennScents Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide. Jennifer is the 2023 recipient of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy Lifetime Achievement Leadership award.

An internationally recognized and gifted expert in the field of holistic aromatherapy and personal development. Jennifer knows just how to impactfully connect with an audience & deliver an artistically crafted presentation (“mindset art”) that inspires, motivates and encourages the superhero within you. Jennifer has been featured in the New York Times, Massage Magazine, and numerous industry podcasts. She has spoken at the World of Aromatherapy Beyond Aromatics conference, Holistic Health Summit, Holistic Medicine Conference, Aroma Summit, Nature’s Sunshine conference, Solle Naturals Conference, and several other natural health conferences.


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Guest Speaking & Event Options

DIY Workshop: An interactive experience for all attendees to engage their senses, enhance their mood and overall well-being. The workshop includes an aromatherapy presentation by an experienced and Certified Professional Aromatherapist. Guests are guided through a DIY exercise to make-up their very own aromatherapy blend to cater to their particular needs. Presentations are customized to match your theme and overall event goals such as team building, enhanced mental health, stress relief and healthy living. This can be integrated into a corporate event, lunch-n-learn, conference, convention, seminar or specialty party. Virtual & Live options (depending on location). The virtual workshop includes aromatherapy DIY kits mailed prior to the presentation.

Lecture: Have your attendees sit back and relax as they are inspired to shift their mindset, lead with confidence and feel encourages to think positive. Jennifer’s Dream, Direct & Drive Motivational presentation is a mix of mindset empowerment, personal development and professional growth encouragement. Your audience will leave feeling good about themselves and have a clearer direction of how they can achieve their goals.

Jennifer’s credentials:

Jennifer Pressimone, owner and master formulator, has a great stage presence and really knows how to connect with the audience to draw them in and keep their attention. She handles any challenges that may pop-up with ease and grace. Jennifer has served as emcee and guest speaker for many events and conventions, all over the world. And she rocked it! She’s got a great persona, very knowledgeable, experienced, professional, captivating and connecting.

  • Clinical Aromatherapy & Herbal Educator with 21+ years of experience
  • Holistic health & motivation speaker at hundreds of events for thousands of attendees including large expos, conventions, conferences, seminars & corporate lunch n’ learns
  • Small & large corporation lectures & workshops
  • Certified Teacher in Spiritual Phyto-Essencing with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky
  • Certified Natural Health Consultant (CNHC)
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Vice President of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy

Hear Jennifer in Action

What Audience Members & Vendors say about Jennifer

“I have heard Jennifer speak numerous times at medical conferences, as well as in more casual settings.  She is extremely knowledgeable in aromatherapy, essential oils, the human body, and holistic health. Her presentations (which are interactive) are geared to the audience to which she is presenting. She is compassionate and very willing to help others in so many ways. Her knowledge and past experience, along with her helpful, positive spirit, will contribute to anyone’s well-being.  You will ALWAYS learn something from Jennifer’s presentations!”  – Gail, FL

“I received a wonderful compliment from our members who attended your workshop. There was a group of 4 women, and they were just gushing about you and your classes and how much you helped one of them, in particular, with her sense of smell loss. Keep up the good work and know this…you are appreciated, and your work is valuable for many.” – Cynthia

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