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Gut Emotions & Overcoming Crohn’s

Let’s talk gut health! More specifically, the emotions behind gut health, or lack thereof.

Gut health plays a crucial role in mindset and motivation. When your gut is strong & healthy, you have healthy thoughts & feelings. However, when the gut is a mess and unhealthy, your will have draining, sad, unhealthy thoughts & feelings. They go hand in hand.

Many of you know my story. For those who don’t, here is the cliff note version. I was able to turn my tragedy into triumph and learn many valuable lessons along the way.

In 1998 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, had severe colitis, IBS & Leaky gut. I was in organ failure. No doctor could figure out how to help me. I went to numerous doctors, and even had my case presented at a worldwide conference. After many months of fighting and declining health, a doctor gave me less than 6 months to live.

Of course, I was devastated when I heard those words. I was too sick to truly comprehend what he told us, but the look on my mom’s face was even more devastating. Wow, I can still feel that feeling as if it were yesterday.

Being from the South, it was typical top have an open casket. I had started planning my funeral and didn’t want skin and bones to be the last visual my loved ones had of me. So, I went to a local herb shop to get some “body building herbs” to plump me up. I was close to 80 pounds and looked horrible. Little did I know that one decision would be my saving grace…my life jacket…my second chance…my life.

Over the next few months, I was educated about the power of herbal remedies & aromatherapy, as well as the importance of gut health – not only for physical health, but my mental & emotional health too. I had the right people come into my life and help me at the most crucial times. I didn’t realize what was happening but now I know it was God guiding me. I learned about herbs, essential oils and flower essences. The power of cleaning green, dry skin brushing, sleep, movement and affirmations were key habits that made a huge impact. Over time, I got better. I didn’t die…I lived.

Needless to say, I am still here, over 20 years later, thriving, healthy & happy. I didn’t get here over night. It has been a process, and still a process. A process of learning what health is. A process of strengthening my mind to fight & thrive. Overcoming intense & debilitating feelings that were holding me back. And continuing the journey.

It was a gauntlet of exhausting challenges & obstacles, one right after another. Just when it seemed like I jumped a hurdle or got through one wave, another one crashed over me.

I now realize this was practice and first-hand experience & training so I could help thousands of others. I am able to lead & teach by example.

What did I learn going through such devastation?

  • That I am stronger than I knew.
  • That I do have support, I just needed to be aware of what and who was around me.
  • That God was with me, and not against me.

When you feel like the world is against you. You are going through tough, challenging times that feel like they are weighing you down. And when you feel like you are alone with no support. Stop! You are not alone! The world is not against you! And those challenges…it is just target practice to allow yourself to be surrounded by those who can & are supporting you.

My gut was not healthy which means my mind was not healthy. When the mind is not healthy, it’s hard to make healthy decisions, stay motivated and nourish meaningful relationships.

I know I went through my physical, mental & emotional journey to be able to pay forward those lessons & be the light to help someone see through their darkest of times. Just like I had others who were my light.

I am here today, becuase someone cared. I am here today becuase I cared enough to listen to the gifts presented before me, and accept them. I am here today be a guiding light for others to find their way back to themselves, even through the rough waters.

“The power of giving is equally important to the power of receiving.”

Powering Through with Resilience Aromatherapy Blend

In a nasal atomizer, add the following essential oils to the unscented wick. Smell 3 times a day and anytime you need a mind & mental boost.

4 drops pine for resilience

5 drops sweet orange for adrenal support

3 drops frankincense for a courage boost (also to lead by faith)

4 drops lemon to help you find your way when you feel lost

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Personalize your blend!

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