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Harvest Time Reflection

Harvest Time Reflection
Fall is a great time to reflect, ponder and assess your accomplishments thus far in the year, that you earned from a seed you planted in the winter and spring.

How have you been fulfilled?

What blessings do you have to be thankful for?

What can you do this harvest to satisfy the remainder of your year’s goals?


Taking an inventory of accomplishments is important, especially in today’s world, so we can see the fruits of our hard labor. We feel we are on the go all of the time and get caught up in the hustle and bustle.  It is easy to lose sight of the results of our actions, some good, some not so good.

  • personal inventory
  • mental inventory
  • emotional inventory
  • spiritual inventory
  • energetic inventory
  • environmental inventory
  • relationship inventory
  • professional inventory

Reflect on the goodness and blessings you’ve experienced this year. Even during dark times, there is a light. You may have to change positions to see it, but it is there.


The Light of Reflection

Reflection is great way to make sure you are living the life you want to live, on the path that makes you a better you, setting the examples you want others to honor, and being content with where you are right now, in this moment, surrounded by what you need. So often I hear people talk about what they don’t have.  We seldom take the time to appreciate what we do have and have earned, celebrating the challenges we have faced and conquered, to achieve a goal, a milestone, a dream.

You are worth it.  So, take some time today to reflect on your greatness, your strength, your blessings and your gifts. Grab a cup of your favorite herbal tea, put on your favorite pajamas and slippers, find you favorite spot in your house or garden and surround yourself with pleasant scents.  I like to diffuse this Harvest Blend during my reflection time.  Enjoy and celebrate – YOU!

Blue vintage pine branch with fallen leaves in autumn


Need help reconnecting to your soul, your passions, dreams and desires? It can be lonely and overwhelming if you do it alone. It is hard not to get distracted by the other million things going on and stay focused on you and your needs. It can end up costing you way more time, money, energy and stress, than having someone hold your hand through it.

The good news, is that you don’t have to it alone. My Mindset Coaching Program helps you connect gently, but powerfully to any limiting beliefs, emotional blockages, and mental roadblocks using my holistic-focused technique. Read more here and book a meet & greet if you are ready to stop staying stuck and create actions that actually move you forward with positivity, joy and contentment.



Want someone to help you identify where you are stuck and why, and create an action plan to get you moving?

Want to create movement in your life, health & business that builds momentum so you can achieve your goals & dreams?

Want a tried-and-true system that guides you in taking steps, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own?

I’ve got you.

Check out my Design, Align & Shine Coaching Program that helps you uncover hidden or stuck mindset blocks to unleash your inner fire. When you are connected to your purpose and passion, everything is possible. You just need the desire, a system, guide and tools to get you there.

Here how this program transformed the life of my client Brandee.

Get registered for my Design, Align & Shine Program. Your time is NOW!

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Personalize your blend!

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