Business Opportunities

Be Empowered. Learn. Inspire others. Support Community. Share Success.

Entrepreneurship is B.L.I.S.S.

Be Empowered.
Learn often.
Inspire others.
Support community.
Share success.

Connect to our passion and enjoy your best life. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in control of your career and income earnings? What if you could plan your schedule around family and fun time? For me, it was important to have a balance between family life and career life.  I wanted to do something I loved. Something that kept me connected to me. Something where I knew I was making a difference.


What is your why? What motivates you? Drives you? Inspires you? Encourages you? In aromatherapy and natural health you have several opportunities.  Start your own company. Partner with someone in business. Dabble on the side to make a few extra bucks. Whatever your goals, we wish you continued success on your journey. Reasons for my why –

  • Set own hours
  • be in control of my financial plan
  • be a role model to others
  • Build & support community
  • Comradery
  • Be empowered and inspired


Now, what business opportunities do we offer at JennScents?  Well, we have two options.

  • Become an affiliate. Share our aromatherapy educational courses with others, and earn a commission.
  • Become a distributor with one of our chosen companies and earn while you share their products.


About Our Affiliate Program

We believe in saying “thank you” to all those who share JennScents.  Our JennScents Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission for our Aromatherapy Certification Course referrals.


Become a Natural Health Product Provider

Did you know that 1 in 3 people choose daily to begin their journey with a home based business? It is a great opportunity for people needing extra income and a flexible schedule to care for parents and/or children. In addition, it empowers those wanting to “live more life” rather than limit themselves to only 1 or 2 vacations per year. You make it what you want.  Decide your commitment level and just do it.

I am a health-focused entrepreneur. This allows me to be in business for myself, but not by myself.  I have the freedom to work when I want, share and manage my business that works best for me, and partner with other like-minded people who are doing the same.  It is a nice community that builds comradery, helps you with personal growth and business development and management.

I have chosen to work with these particular companies for a few reasons.  These are the companies who have made a difference in my life over the last 20 years, personally, professionally, healthy-wise and financially.

  1. Their integrity, honesty and ethics. They are real people who want others to receive real information and real results.
  2. Product Quality. This is of the utmost importance to me as I want to receive what I need and what the label says I’m getting.  These companies have exceptional quality controls and testing
  3. Support. It is important to partner with a company who not only walks the walk, but inspires and empowers you to walk the walk.


If you are interested in joining the JennScents mission of empowering others with physical, mental, emotional and energetic health, let us know. We’d love to hear from you and see how we can help you on your business building journey in natural health. We have a team across the United States and Canada so you are joining a strong, successful group.

Solle Naturals: This is a company that I have been involved with since their inception.  I am their essential oil formulator and on their product advisory board. As you might have guessed, I truly, and whole-hearted believe in their mission.  This company was founded based on the need for powerful and authentic natural health support, especially when it comes to mental and emotional support. I earned my college degree in [psychology, so of course, I was naturally drawn to helping implement remedies to help people think and feel better. All of their products are adaptogen based.  Adaptogens provide the body with “auto-pilot” support, knowing where to supply energy, and where to enhance relaxation. They help you manage every kind of stress, make more sound decisions, and have emotional stability. Their products include core health supplement staples such as a Probiotic, Enzymes, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, Adapatogens, Anti-inflammatory, Gut-Brain-Microbiome boosters, Essential Oil Blends (that I personally formulated), and a few more.  They have a simple yet powerful health philosophy – Directional Health Solutions, along with a rewarding compensation plan

Nature’s Sunshine Products: I was introduced to NSP in 1999 when I was struggling with major health issues.  Their products not only helped me regain my health, they helped me connect with my true calling – teaching and sharing natural health with others. They offer an extensive herbal supplement line, broken into body system support, as well as a full-line of singe and blended essential oils and personal care products.


The Secrets in the Business G.A.M.E.

  • Goals: Setting goals is a way to bring your dreams into reality
  • Action: Create action steps that move your goals forward
  • Move: You must create movement. Movement creates momentum. Momentum creates success.
  • Education: Continue learning and educating yourself everyday.

Contact us today for more information on how to get started!

Sharing Health for Financial Wealth!

“May you never know the disease you prevented.” Author unknown


Affiliate Partners

Amrita Essential Oils – essential oils and carriers


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