Holistic Health

Holistic Health Coaching Session

$85 (60-90 minutes including DermaGrid Scan)
One-hour educational session with holistic aromatherapist and herbalist, Jennifer Hochell Pressimone, T.SPE, CNHC. Designed to discuss physical, mental, and/or emotional concerns to obtain greater health and well-being. Great for those looking for natural health alternatives and needing additional support for their herbal and aromatherapy regimen. Includes Consultation Questionnaire review, DermaGrid scan, emotional healing discussion and holistic solution review.  DermaGrid offers the latest in skin terrain analysis, evaluating a skin image with a comprehensive database, using 3 types of dermal characteristics – Contour, Texture and Pigment Analysis. The DermaGrid scan generates a report providing support directives and product recommendations such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, hydration and more.

Based on the results, a nutritional and/or cleansing program will be shared, specific to your needs including supportive programs, skin protocols and foods to help you obtain your health goals. It’s as simple as completing the DermaGRID questionnaire and sending in a picture of the back of your hand. (60-90 minutes).

DermaGrid Scan without consultation available for $35

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Personal Growth Consult with Aromatherapy Blend

$85 (90 minutes)
This consultation is designed to provide you with a custom aromatherapy blend personalized to helping you achieve personal growth and development to help build self-esteem, confidence and self-love. World renowned Holistic Aromatherapist, Jennifer Pressimone will help you translate your emotions, fears and worries into a successful you to conquer your goals and dreams. During a 90-minute conversation, we will discuss your personal challenges, obstacles, successes, desires and goals along with your life patterns and experiences (positive and negative) that have made you who you are today.  What holds you back from being the person you want to be? Who is your true, authentic self? How do you want to move forward in your life in a healthy and positive direction? You’ll be guided by a series of questions to help you tap into a deeper part of your soul and connect with who you are, bringing acknowledgement, acceptance, passion and clarity. Includes a customized aromatherapy blend, formulated to mirror who you are at your core to align you with your goals and dreams.

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Olfactory Sensory Testing™ Session

$75 (45 minutes, in person or remotely using your own essential oils)
A 30-minute session with holistic phyto-aromatherapist, Jennifer Pressimone, T.SPE, CNHC. Olfactory Sensory Testing™ is a techniques designed by Jennifer to determine which scents your body needs, intuitively.  It removes judgement, preconceptions and interference so an authentic, soul-matching blend can be produced. You will be guided through each step of the Olfactory Sensory Testing™ process, and a blend formulated and created to meet your simultaneous needs – physically, mentally and emotionally.

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All my life I have had an emotional pattern that took me out of the present moment and into a downward spiral of reactivity based in fear. When I consulted with Jennifer for a custom aromatherapy blend I had high hopes for change but minimal expectation based on my past emotional experience. During the consult, I was surprised at how willing I was to disclose very personal information, some of which I do not even acknowledge with myself. Jennifer made it effortless to share my most vulnerable emotions. My custom blend was perfect for me and has allowed me to move forward in changing a long standing, undesirable emotional response into one that allows me to be proactive in action instead of reactive in fear. Jennifer’s expertise in knowledge, mastery of blending, and professionally compassionate nature make her invaluable!

—Lynn Allen, Virginia